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Plot Against Pension Supporters Find Survey Supports Workers

Let this be a warning to all those who argue that public employee pensions should be slashed: the public is NOT on your side. Over the past several months, the Pew Charitable Trusts and the John and Laura Arnold Foundation have spearheaded efforts to make public employee retirements less secure. H... [More]

FIRE Act Grant Application Deadline Is Dec. 6

Don’t miss the opportunity to receive federal grant funding to bring the IAFF Fire Ground Survival (FGS) Train-the-Trainer program, the IAFF Wellness-Fitness Initiative (WFI) and the IAFF/IAFC/ACE Peer Fitness Trainer (PFT) certification program to your fire department by applying for an Assis... [More]

Report Traces Labor Attacks

If you haven’t already read the Economic Policy Institute’s (EPI) report about the efforts to undermine labor unions and the wages of workers then you should. In 2010, fire fighters and the labor community fought against unprecedented attacks against workers’ rights to bargain col... [More]

Support the IAFF Charitable Foundation

Give a great gift and support the IAFF Charitable Foundation this holiday season. You can help the IAFF Charitable Foundation help others by purchasing the finest wines from Armida Winery with 18 percent of the proceeds going to help fire fighters and their families when they need it most. Pleas... [More]

Fire Fighters Say Issue 4 is Wrong for Cincinnati

Cincinnati, OH voters will have to decide this Tuesday if they will support to change the city’s pension system. A private group called Cincinnati for Pension Reform Committee gathered enough signatures to place a charter amendment on the ballot that could change the public pension plans for ... [More]

The Secret Billionaires Club

The secret group of billionaires who tried to limit the power of labor unions in California’s Prop 32 fight last year has been unmasked. Prop 32, which would have stopped the ability of labor unions to collect political money, was resoundingly defeated by five million voters in California.No... [More]

Ensure a Safe and Happy Halloween

Many IAFF affiliates effectively use community outreach campaigns to foster relationships with city leaders, local businesses, the media, civic groups and the public - and the IAFF encourages more affiliates to use these kinds of programs to improve their public image and influence how they are perc... [More]

ALEC targeting public pensions

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) has found another way to stick it to workers: by advocating policies that would change public pensions.The St. Louis Beacon reports that changes to state pensions is high on ALEC’s list for 2014 with the group encouraging more states to consider... [More]

PFANJ Supports Buono For Governor With Bus Tour

The Professional Firefighters of New Jersey is hitting the campaign trail for gubernatorial candidate Barbara Buono.Fire fighters are participating in a bus tour to help get out the vote in the Garden State. The PFANJ was one of the first labor unions and first public safety union in New Jersey to e... [More]

Right to Work Supporters Gathering Signatures in Ohio

Supporters of ‘Right to Work’ laws are gathering signatures in the Buckeye State in efforts to get it on a statewide ballot for the 2014 elections. The Columbus Dispatch reports the group Ohioans for Workplace Freedom has 200 people collecting signatures of the state’s registered ... [More]

Buy Union Made Medicine as You Prepare for Cold and Flu Season

In some parts of the United States flu activity is picking up. Most commonly the flu virus is associated with the cold, winter months of January and February and can continue as late as May. We don’t want you to wait until it is too late to stock your medicine cabinet with American and union ... [More]

Who is Really Running Your Government?

Well the billionaire Koch Brothers couldn’t buy the 2012 presidential elections, so shutting down the federal government is the next best way to push their extreme policies on America.The New York Times published an expose on the seeds of the federal government shutdown and reported the effort... [More]

What to Examine in a Commercial Kitchen Fire

Commercial kitchens aren’t only places to prepare delicious food, but are also a common source for fire emergencies. An estimated 8,000 eating establishment fires occur in the United States each year, with most fires originating in the commercial kitchen area. The U.S. Fire Administration/Nat... [More]

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