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Right to Work Supporters Gathering Signatures in Ohio

Supporters of ‘Right to Work’ laws are gathering signatures in the Buckeye State in efforts to get it on a statewide ballot for the 2014 elections. The Columbus Dispatch reports the group Ohioans for Workplace Freedom has 200 people collecting signatures of the state’s registered ... [More]

Buy Union Made Medicine as You Prepare for Cold and Flu Season

In some parts of the United States flu activity is picking up. Most commonly the flu virus is associated with the cold, winter months of January and February and can continue as late as May. We don’t want you to wait until it is too late to stock your medicine cabinet with American and union ... [More]

Who is Really Running Your Government?

Well the billionaire Koch Brothers couldn’t buy the 2012 presidential elections, so shutting down the federal government is the next best way to push their extreme policies on America.The New York Times published an expose on the seeds of the federal government shutdown and reported the effort... [More]

What to Examine in a Commercial Kitchen Fire

Commercial kitchens aren’t only places to prepare delicious food, but are also a common source for fire emergencies. An estimated 8,000 eating establishment fires occur in the United States each year, with most fires originating in the commercial kitchen area. The U.S. Fire Administration/Nat... [More]

How the Government Shutdown Affects SAFER grants

The IAFF Grants Administration department is receiving many questions relating to the Federal Government shutdown and the impact on FEMA grants, specifically the SAFER grants which keep IAFF members on the job.  Those departments that have already received awards will receive the total appropri... [More]

The Shutdown

Congress is a destructive mess.  Normally, that wouldn’t be news because it’s always been fairly dysfunctional, but they have taken that to a whole new level.Those elected to the top levels of American Government have now literally said “America is closed for business," unless... [More]

Possible Government Shut Down Will Hurt First Responders

For anyone who has been watching Congress as of late, the shenanigans on Capitol Hill this week can feel like a bad case of déjà-vu. A government shutdown, a potential default; didn’t we just resolve these issues a few months ago? Congress often tends to solve problems by punti... [More]

Solar panel rooftops and fire fighters

It is no secret that the solar industry is booming. Photovoltaic (PV) systems are reportedly being installed every four minutes. The number is only expected to increase with experts predicting that a system will be installed every minute and 28 seconds by 2016. In addition, the U.S. is expected to... [More]

Companies Continue to Drop ALEC

It’s not good for businesses these days to be associated with the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). Sallie Mae, the nation’s largest student loan lender, became the 50th business to publicly drop its membership in ALEC. ALEC has worked to make the education system a for-pro... [More]

International Code Council Publishes the Public Comment Agenda

The International Association of Fire Fighters is currently participating in the establishment of the 2015 Editions of the International Residential Code and the International Fire Code. It is important for the IAFF to remain an active participant on how the codes are created and maintained because... [More]

McCaffrey on Leadership

General McCaffrey says the hallmark of good leadership is good character. McCaffrey made a presentation on Leadership in Crisis Situations at the IAFF John P. Redmond and Dominick F. Barbera EMS Conference in Denver. He told IAFF members that when serving in leadership roles, one can't strive f... [More]

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