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What's it Like Being a Fire Fighter?

Fire fighters put their lives at risk to protect their communities every day. They are not only at physical risk because of the dangerous work they perform, but also at risk of losing their wages, pension and worker rights.The IAFF has designed a one-of-a-kind event – Fire Ops 101, to show el... [More]

June is National Home Safety Month

The IAFF encourages affiliates to share these tips with members of their communities. Between June 7 and June 9, the U.S. Fire Administration reported 10 stories of home fire fatalities in the United States. One way to encourage home safety is to continue to raise awareness about the importance of... [More]

Fire fighters can’t protect communities alone

Every second counts when fire fighters are called to put out a fire or respond to a medical emergency. There’s no room for delays. Nashville, TN Channel 4/WSMV highlights a problem that city fire fighters are grappling with, and that’s dozens of fire trucks are not running properly. Th... [More]

Share These Summer Burn Prevention Tips With Your Community

Summer is here and is a good opportunity for IAFF members to raise awareness for burn prevention and safety in their communities. As families have fun firing up their grills, using fireworks or enjoying a campsite fire, it’s the perfect time to stress that safety always comes first. The IAFF... [More]

Training, did you get anything out of it?

Have you ever left a training class and thought to yourself, "We'll, that was a huge waste of time,"?  If you did, I guarantee it wasn't an IAFF training program.As you may know, the IAFF's HazMat Training Department is 100% funded with federal grants.  We deliver more than 300 classes a y... [More]

There is no Substitute for Experience

The IAFF is often asked why we feel so strongly that fire departments should be staffed with full-time, professional fire fighters.   A book authored by a Nobel prize winning psychologist offers a valuable insight into this issue.Professor Daniel Kahneman has spent his career researching h... [More]

Memorial Day Union Style

Memorial Day is a time to remember those who serve and sacrifice for our country. Buying and supporting union and American made products is just another way to show respect for those who have done so much for our country. And the money spent will go a long way to help keep our economy afloat. So, ... [More]

IFC Hearing Update: Drafting Codes to Keep Fire Fighters Safe

A number of additional proposals in the Residential Code concerned the IAFF including our proposal attempting to have a non-combustible covering between foam insulation and the exterior covering. The proposal was intended to require a ten foot set back from the property line if there was no barrier.... [More]

So... Your Department Declined a SAFER Award

I’ve had a lot of inquiries from my latest blog on SAFER grants, particularly questioning why a department would go through the effort to apply for a SAFER grant and then reject it.  Believe it or not it happens.  For those of you that it happens to, you are not alone.  Ever... [More]

What You Should Know About Building Codes

The IAFF has continued its involvement in the current ICC code hearings in Dallas. The last three days included testimony and debate on a number of issues in the International Fire Code and the International Residential Code. It is important for fire fighters to be involved in the process because t... [More]

Update from Fire Code Hearing

The International Fire Code Hearing is in full swing, the committee has to consider over 400 code change proposals to the Fire Code. In these last two days fire service representatives, and IAFF members, have testified on behalf of the impact to fire fighter safety on many of these issues. During t... [More]

Where Are the Priorities?

The 113th Congress sure has its priorities straight. This week, Congress will vote on legislation that would allow private sector employers to stop giving workers any extra pay for overtime work. HR 1406 is a “friendly attack” on workers -- making mandatory overtime less expensive for ... [More]

Day One: Fire Code Hearings

The IAFF has a representative attending the International Code Council's Committee Action Hearings. On Saturday and Sunday the Fire Service Membership Council met for a two day workshop. Issues discussed including training, education, service and the ICC Evaluation Services. The Evaluation Services ... [More]

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