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What You Should Know About Building Codes

The IAFF has continued its involvement in the current ICC code hearings in Dallas. The last three days included testimony and debate on a number of issues in the International Fire Code and the International Residential Code. It is important for fire fighters to be involved in the process because t... [More]

Update from Fire Code Hearing

The International Fire Code Hearing is in full swing, the committee has to consider over 400 code change proposals to the Fire Code. In these last two days fire service representatives, and IAFF members, have testified on behalf of the impact to fire fighter safety on many of these issues. During t... [More]

Where Are the Priorities?

The 113th Congress sure has its priorities straight. This week, Congress will vote on legislation that would allow private sector employers to stop giving workers any extra pay for overtime work. HR 1406 is a “friendly attack” on workers -- making mandatory overtime less expensive for ... [More]

Day One: Fire Code Hearings

The IAFF has a representative attending the International Code Council's Committee Action Hearings. On Saturday and Sunday the Fire Service Membership Council met for a two day workshop. Issues discussed including training, education, service and the ICC Evaluation Services. The Evaluation Services ... [More]

Fire Code Hearings

The International Code Council will start hearings this week. Fire fighters who want to know about the building codes process can watch hearings live at this web link: http://www.iccsafe.org/webcast/Pages/default.aspx A number of code change proposals will be debated concerning our member’s ... [More]

Violence Against Fire Fighters

No longer do fire fighters and paramedics just have to be concerned with the inherent dangers of fighting fires, mitigating hazardous materials incidents, and exposures encountered during EMS responses. Now more than ever, being assaulted while serving others is a real threat. Fire fighters and Pa... [More]

Beware of this Man!

Fire fighters’ pensions are at stake, and the IAFF continues to track those who are spearheading efforts to put public employees in the poor house during their golden years. New York billionaire Dan Loeb ranks 974th on Forbes Magazine list of the world’s richest billionaires with a fort... [More]

Sick Leave Next Fight for Workers

We provided an update earlier this week about efforts in Florida to prohibit local governments from implementing laws that extend to paid sick leave. Efforts are cropping up all across the country. Legislation in Michigan was approved by committees in the state House and Senate that would ban loca... [More]

ALEC Takes Over Florida

The Florida House of Representatives seems to be taking all its legislative cues from the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). Not only can the debate over workers’ pensions be traced back to ALEC, but the controversial organization can also be linked to efforts to prohibit local gov... [More]

Who Is John Arnold?

As fire fighters continue to fight to protect their pensions, we wanted to let our members know who is spearheading efforts to make their retirement less secure. Houston billionaire and former Enron Corporation trader, John Arnold and his wife Laura, are backing efforts in Rhode Island to upend the... [More]

Fire Fighters and Pet Safety

Did you know that April is Pet First Aid Month? The IAFF encourages members to share these tips on how to keep animals safe in their communities.As we transition from winter to spring, heat stroke is one of the most common problems pets face. Remind people in your community to never to leave a pet i... [More]

Pumping Up the Budget by Changing Your Shifts

Elected leaders continue to grapple with shrinking budgets and are turning to public employees – including fire fighters -- for savings.Baltimore, Maryland fire unions and Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake are at odds over the city’s proposal to require fire fighters to work longer hours.Th... [More]

Who Started Florida’s Pension Debate?

The roots of Florida’s pension redesign can be traced back to the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). Florida lawmakers continue to debate over whether to close the Florida Retirement System (FRS) to new employees and move them into 401(k)-type plans. The Florida House has passed a ... [More]

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