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Who Is John Arnold?

As fire fighters continue to fight to protect their pensions, we wanted to let our members know who is spearheading efforts to make their retirement less secure. Houston billionaire and former Enron Corporation trader, John Arnold and his wife Laura, are backing efforts in Rhode Island to upend the... [More]

Fire Fighters and Pet Safety

Did you know that April is Pet First Aid Month? The IAFF encourages members to share these tips on how to keep animals safe in their communities.As we transition from winter to spring, heat stroke is one of the most common problems pets face. Remind people in your community to never to leave a pet i... [More]

Pumping Up the Budget by Changing Your Shifts

Elected leaders continue to grapple with shrinking budgets and are turning to public employees – including fire fighters -- for savings.Baltimore, Maryland fire unions and Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake are at odds over the city’s proposal to require fire fighters to work longer hours.Th... [More]

Who Started Florida’s Pension Debate?

The roots of Florida’s pension redesign can be traced back to the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). Florida lawmakers continue to debate over whether to close the Florida Retirement System (FRS) to new employees and move them into 401(k)-type plans. The Florida House has passed a ... [More]

Make Your Health a Priority

Fire Fighters and emergency personnel can’t afford to neglect their own health and safety. It’s National Public Health Week and a good time to remember the importance of taking care of yourselves while busy taking care of others. Good health starts at home. Fewer than 15 percent of adu... [More]

Don’t Get Fired for Social Media: Think Before You Post!

In recent months we’ve seen some stories about workers who’ve gotten into trouble because of what they have posted on social media. We always caution our members on the dos and don’ts of using Facebook and Twitter, and now we would like to offer some guidelines for using social me... [More]

ALEC Watch

Big corporations are continuing to cut ties to the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). Last week, Bristol-Myers Squibb and WellPoint announced they were ending their partnership with the controversial organization. Bristol-Myers Squibb, a pharmaceutical company, earns $17.6 billion in ann... [More]

How to Initiate an Effective Pension PR Campaign

Jordan Marks, executive director of the National Public Pension Coalition, gives some good pointers on how to develop a public relations campaign to protect public employee pensions. Marks spoke to the 700 fire fighters who attended the IAFF Legislative Conference last week in Washington, DC. He sa... [More]

Update on State Attacks

Peggy Shorey, director of state government relations and deputy director of government affairs at the AFL-CIO, says attacks on labor aren’t as vicious as they were two years ago. But make no mistake about it, the opponents of labor are still out to gut the rights of workers and their wages. S... [More]

2013 IAFF Legislative Conference

  Day Three IAFF Goes to Capitol Hill IAFF members set off to meet lawmakers on Capitol Hill Wednesday. Nearly 700 members from across the country are in Washington, DC to discuss the challenges that first responders face each day. Many IAFF affiliates are concerned about the sequestr... [More]

Controlling the Media Landscape

We are keeping an eye on our political opponents and wanted to share an update with you on the business dealings of the Koch brothers. The billionaire Koch brothers who tried to buy the 2012 presidential elections to help further anti-worker legislation are reportedly trying to acquire assets of th... [More]

Improving Fire Fighter Safety Discussed at FIERO Symposium II

The Fire Industry Equipment Research Organization (FIERO) personal protective equipment symposium in Raleigh North Carolina last week was designed to be a factual series of presentations about the PPE that most fire fighters use on a regular basis. Last week I detailed the presentations from the fir... [More]

IAFF Collaborates on Juvenile Fire Setters Program

Written by Thomas Flamm, IAFF Burn Fund Coordinator The IAFF Charitable Foundation is serving on the frontlines to help increase prevention efforts and outreach to limit the number of fire incidents committed by juvenile fire starters. With recent stories coming out of San Antonio, TX with law enf... [More]

What Makes a Winning IAFF Media Awards Contest Entry?

Each year, IAFF affiliates throughout the United States and Canada submit entries in the IAFF Media Awards Contest, hoping to win a first, second or honorable mention award. While all are grateful for the plaques and monetary prizes, most affiliates enter the contest as a public show of appreciation... [More]

ALEC Up to its Old Tricks

A new report finds the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is involved in widespread efforts to weaken wages and workplace standards designed to protect the economic security of workers.The National Employment Law Project (NELP), an organization that promotes job growth and local, state and... [More]

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