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In the Rearview Mirror

The 2012 presidential elections are now in the history books. However, the memory of the voting chaos in Florida and other states still lingers. Over the Thanksgiving weekend The Palm Beach Post published a story confirming what voters in Florida already knew -- that great efforts were made to supp... [More]

Why We Stand With Wal-Mart Workers

Do you want to support a company that doesn’t respect the rights of workers and the families they support? Do you want to shop at a store that is all about making one company and one family rich? As profit-hungry Wal-Mart plans to open its doors on Thanksgiving evening, thousands of Wal-Mart ... [More]

Prepare Yourself in Case of a Mayday

In Chicago, a mayday was called recently after a fire fighter fell through a floor while fighting a fire in a vacant building on the South Side. The fire fighter suffered a broken right arm, but is expected to be okay. Data compiled by the United States Fire Administration shows fire fighters beco... [More]

Emergency Responders and Social Media

Social media has changed how we interact with each other daily. And it’s no surprise that more people are choosing to use Twitter and Facebook in emergency situations. As Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc along the New Jersey shore and parts of New York – people turned to social media to sh... [More]

Michigan Voters Reject Tougher Emergency Manager Law

Michigan voters rejected the governor’s attempt to toughen the emergency manager law this week. Fifty-two percent of state voters said no to keeping the controversial law, while 48 percent said yes.  The emergency manager law allowed financial managers appointed by the state to avoid co... [More]

Cincinnati Local 48 office is hub for OFA

IAFF affiliates are playing a pivotal role in this year's presidential election. In the critical battleground state of Ohio, Cincinnati Local 48’s office serves as the logistical hub in Hamilton County for the Obama for America (OFA) campaign. Since last Monday, Local 48's office has been ... [More]

The role of government during natural disasters

The devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy across the mid-Atlantic and Northeast is a great example of why we need a centralized federal government that can respond to states and communities in need of disaster relief.  Hurricane Sandy also underscores a very important issue for Americans, and t... [More]

Halloween Safety

It’s the scariest day of the year and IAFF locals will do their part to make sure their communities have a fun and safe Halloween. Whether fire fighters simply plan to pass out candy at the station, or donate their time for a community event or organization - you can always count on IAFF memb... [More]

Remembering the Death of Brother John Carter

Fifteen years ago this morning, Brother John Carter, a member of IAFF Local 36 and the Washington, DC Fire Department was tragically killed in a neighborhood grocery store fire in the District. The Department and Local 36 conducted a formal investigation of this fire and I was privileged to serve... [More]

Mitt’s plan wrong for unions and workers

Mitt Romney has proven he’s no friend to organized labor and fire fighters. In a new video, the Transport Workers Union shares Romney’s plans for unions and workers. And it is not good. Watch the video as Romney says he supports national Right-to-Work laws and wants to end union contr... [More]

When Acts of Kindness Leads to Trouble

Public support is growing for a Detroit, Michigan paramedic who was reportedly brought up on charges by his department for giving an elderly fire victim a blanket. Detroit’s EMS chief says employees need prior approval before giving away EMS property. The blanket was reportedly donated by a f... [More]

How the IAFF gives back

Throughout the International Association of Fire Fighters' 94-year history, it has made charitable efforts a cornerstone of its mission. The IAFF Charitable Foundation supports IAFF members and their families in their time of need, promotes fire and burn prevention, advocates for fire fighter healt... [More]

Find Union Made Halloween Treats

Brian K. Foughty, 2nd District V.P. for the Professional Fire Fighters of Oklahoma, provided this list of union-made candy for handing out on Halloween. Stick to this list of sugary confections and you can feel good about supporting America and unions across the country this Halloween.   Abba... [More]

Post-Fire Hazards Evaluations

The Interagency Board for Equipment Standardization and Interoperability (IAB) has just released a position paper addressing Evaluation of Hazards in the Post-Fire Environment.The IAB is a formal group of emergency responders representing the public safety sectors from all levels of government and i... [More]

Alec’s Road to Privatization

In The Public Interest, a comprehensive resource center on privatization and responsible contracting, has released a report exposing the American Legislative Exchange Council’s (ALEC) extensive plans to privatize core public functions. The report chronicles ALEC’s plan to privatize virt... [More]

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