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David Billy February 20, 2015 14:12
Our political opponents are ramping up their attacks against us. And we won’t let them get away with trying to take away the rights we earned and fought hard to win. Politico, a Capitol Hill publication in Washington, D.C., provides a summary of state battles and misbehaving elected officials. Illinois governor Bruce Rauner belongs at the top of the list with his blatant attacks against labor unions.  Recently, Rauner signed an executive order allowing workers to stop paying fair sh... [More]


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Jane Blume February 13, 2015 09:47
North Grumman is the 101st corporation to leave the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). You can see a list of groups that have left the organization here. ALEC, a politically ultra-conservative non-profit, which thrives on operating in the shadows of American government pushing anti-worker, anti-union legislation in statehouses across the country, continues to feel the pressure and gain negative attention for the laws it helps to craft. ALEC supports free market principles and counts... [More]


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Jane Blume February 10, 2015 15:13
Celebrate Valentine’s Day union style by buying these special union treats this holiday. Try these union-made goodies: Russell Stover Ghirardelli See’s Candy Hershey    Want to drink a bottle of bubbly? Try these brands: J. Roget Jacques Bonet Cook’s Tott’s André Eden Roc   Other items for your special person: Old Spice Avon Hugo Boss Pierre Cardin   Want to order some flowers this Valentine’s Day? Union members receiv... [More]


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Admin January 16, 2015 09:38
As state legislators reconvene for the year, fire fighters can expect more anti-union legislation. Our political opponents are determined to enact policies that curb the power of labor unions.  In at least nine states, Right to Work bills are expected to be introduced in Wisconsin, New Mexico, Ohio, Colorado, Kentucky, Montana, Pennsylvania and Missouri. Twenty-four states have passed Right to Work laws and it has been proven that legislation leads to decrease wages and safety standards ... [More]
David Billy January 9, 2015 14:03
Sometimes it is the little things that can catch you off guard. The IAFF does not want its members to be blindsided by the American Legislative Exchange Council’s new strategy to attack the rights of workers. ALEC, a politically ultra-conservative non-profit, which thrives on operating in the shadows of American government pushing anti-worker, anti-union legislation in statehouses across the country, is collaborating with the Heritage Foundation, along with a new group called Protect My ... [More]


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Jane Blume December 10, 2014 15:14
Three years ago, Wisconsin public sector workers were stripped of their rights to bargain collectively in the state. Now that controversial Governor Scott Walker has been elected for a second term, our political foes will stop at nothing to destroy workers by pushing Right to Work legislation in the state. Municipalities should keep their promises to workers. For years, fire fighters and other public workers have worked and negotiated for safer working conditions, wages and benefits. Right to... [More]


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admin December 1, 2014 15:22
Scott Walker, the guy who took collective bargaining rights away from most public workers in Wisconsin, is being discussed as a possible presidential candidate in 2016. Walker who was just recently re-elected as governor of Wisconsin said he is seriously considering launching a presidential bid. He said, “I think there’s going to be a hunger for a leader who can actually get things done." Exactly, what has Walker done? He has been awful for Wisconsin, and we can only imagine if he... [More]


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Jane Blume November 21, 2014 15:02
As Thanksgiving is a few days away, make sure everyone enjoys a safe and happy holiday. These IAFF tips will help keep your community safe this holiday season. It can get chaotic with preparation for meals and visitors stopping in, so pay careful attention when you are cooking in the kitchen. The greatest number of home cooking fires occur on Thanksgiving Day with 34 percent of accidents happening because of unattended equipment. Please keep an eye on the stove and keep children away from that ... [More]
Jane Blume November 17, 2014 14:36
Thanksgiving is around the corner and most of our families will be shopping for tasty treats and other products. While you are shopping this holiday season, you can support union- and American-made products. When you buy it union or made in the USA, you help strengthen our economy and support union members. Here’s a list of union- and American-made items to consider this Thanksgiving holiday:   Appetizers Kraft/Nabisco crackers—BCTGM Nabisco (Mondelez) crackers—BCTGM ... [More]



Jane Blume November 13, 2014 14:04
German software company SAP has ended its membership in the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). SAP follows in the footsteps of other technology giants, such as Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, Facebook and Yelp, who have all ended their affiliation with ALEC this year. SAP says its departure is based on ALEC’s puzzling positions on a variety of issues. Founded in 1973, ALEC supports free market principles and counts on financial support from various foundations, including those cont... [More]


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