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The Fight Over Wisconsin Continues

The political theater continues in Wisconsin as news broke over the weekend that a federal judge struck down key parts of Governor Scott Walker’s union-busting bill. According to the ruling, the state can’t prevent public employees from collecting voluntary dues through payroll deductio... [More]

Romney’s Bad View of Unions

If you have questions about why the IAFF will work to make sure “Mitt Romney’s view of the White House is from a tourist bus” – as General President Harold Schaitberger told IAFF members attending the IAFF 2012 Legislative Conference – then Romney’s remarks on the... [More]

Updates from the 2012 Alfred K. Whitehead Legislative Conference

2012 Alfred K. Whitehead Legislative Conference website       Day Three IAFF Goes to Congress IAFF members set off to meet lawmakers on Capitol Hill Wednesday. Nearly 700 members from across the country are in Washington, DC to discuss the challenges that first responders fac... [More]

2012 Alfred K. Whitehead Legislative Conference

The IAFF will welcome 600 fire fighters to its annual Alfred K. Whitehead Legislative Conference next week in Washington, DC, the cornerstone of all our legislative efforts. It’s still early in 2012, but the IAFF has won significant legislative victories on Capitol Hill due largely to the rel... [More]

Protecting Your Social Media History from Your Employer

Yikes! This interview raised some eyebrows about companies asking applicants to give them their Facebook and Twitter passwords in order to gain more insight to their personalities. For IAFF members wondering if they could be subjected to the same thing, the answer is no. Employers can’t acce... [More]

Keeping Bed Bugs Out of the Firehouse

Written by the IAFF's Health and Safety Department Today more than ever bed bugs are evading places beyond homes and residences. These pesky creatures are creeping into city government buildings, schools, hospitals, mass transit and in retail establishments. Fire fighters and paramedics can provi... [More]

Follow the Money

2012 is a make or break year for America’s middle class. And the IAFF has tried to emphasize through our Fighting Back campaign how important it is for our members to participate in the political process. A list of the top 50 super PACs was released recently and some of the biggest spenders ... [More]

Former DC fire fighter speaks on city's rebranding efforts

A retired Washington, DC fire fighter is speaking out on the fire department’s rebranding efforts.Pat Walsh, who worked for the fire department for 26-years, sent these comments to the IAFF Frontline Blog.“While on the face of it, the current controversy over DCFD vs. FEMS, would seem to... [More]

Six tips to help you identify a hoarder fire

Compulsive hoarding behavior is a disorder that goes beyond having too many possessions stashed away in your living quarters. It’s also a public safety issue that puts homeowners and fire fighters at risk.Tempe, AZ Local 493 faced a growing public safety concern when fire fighters responded to... [More]

DC Fire Rebranding Takes New Turn

District of Columbia fire fighters continue to be unhappy with the department’s rebranding efforts. This week a fire lieutenant was placed on administrative leave for wearing the wrong logo on his jacket.  The lieutenant was at the Fire Training Academy with other members of his crew pr... [More]

Work Connects Us All

Fire fighters, teachers, farmers, pilots and doctors are all people who make America work. The AFL-CIO has released a television ad and web site using the theme, “Work Connects Us All,” to show the importance of unions and union members by emphasizing how hard work helps move America f... [More]

Romney, Santorum push Right to Work in Michigan

In one week, Michigan Republican primary voters will cast their vote for who they want to see run against President Barack Obama in the general election. Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney and former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum are leading in the primary polls. While the two cand... [More]

St. Louis fire fighters fight for pensions

By Ron Saathoff, Director of IAFF's Pension Resource Department The pension attacks keep coming and St. Louis fire fighters are in the eye of the storm. Democratic Mayor Francis Slay is proposing to reform the pensions of fire fighters, including those who are vested in the pension system. A fire... [More]

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