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President’s Plan Will Put Fire Fighters Back to Work

President Barack Obama’s American Jobs Act is a step in the right direction to put fire fighters and paramedics back to work and help make communities safer. As a part of his jobs plan, the president has proposed $1 billion in the form of federal grants to municipalities across the country to... [More]

Watching Redmond online

If you couldn’t attend our John P. Redmond Symposium and Dominick Barbera Emergency Medical Services Conference in New York last month, you can watch video of selected speakers and workshops on our coverage page, including the special panel on “Protecting Responders and the 9/11 Health C... [More]

New poll finds most workers unhappy with benefits, promotion

Are you satisfied with your health benefits and chances for job promotion? A new Gallup survey shows most U.S. workers are more dissatisfied with their health benefits and chances for promotion than they were before the economic meltdown. This should come as no surprise to public employees who hav... [More]

President Obama speaks on labor

President Obama spoke to union workers on Labor Day showing his greatest support for the challenges facing the labor movement. See his Labor Day speech in Detroit here. President Obama has been criticized by unions for his administration’s silence on the attacks on public workers and the lab... [More]

FDNY WTC Cancer Study News

Thousands of print and video news articles have now appeared around the world regarding the study released today on the cancer experience of New York City fire fighters and fire officers in relationship to exposures at the World Trade Center on 9/11.  As the IAFF reported, this study clearly sh... [More]

Taking care of yourself while caring for others

Fire fighters and emergency medical personnel are in the business of caring for others and often neglect their own health and safety. This EMS1.com video discusses why first responders should play a more active role in taking care of their health. Nutrition and fitness are essential, and the IAFF h... [More]

Hurricane Irene - Vermont

Our IAFF members have been on the ground in the devastation across the state of Vermont for several days working passionately and heroically, making several rescues in very dangerous swift water and assisting with the relocation of families from cities and towns that have seen unprecedented devastat... [More]

Surviving Hurricane Irene

For the past week, the IAFF has continuously monitored the track of Hurricane Irene, and has provided updates regarding conditions or news affecting our members. Approximately 620 IAFF affiliates were located in this storm’s path.  Additionally, we updated our hurricane information and re... [More]

10 Year Remembrance

The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 marked the most horrific day in the history of the fire profession in the U.S. Three hundred and forty-three FDNY members lost their lives when they rushed to the World Trade Center after two airliners crashed into the Twin Towers. And 10 years after the... [More]

Who Will be Crowned the Worst Governor Ever?

By: Carly Lanning, IAFF Communications and Media Department Fire fighters have lived under some bad governors in the last year or two, but who is the worst? This year has been a tough one for fire fighters as many of our brothers and sisters across the United States have felt the pressures of the ... [More]

Are you ready for Redmond?

Almost 1,500 fire fighters will gather for the IAFF John P. Redmond Symposium and Dominick F. Barbera EMS Conference  in New York City - home to one of the largest fire departments in the US. This conference comes at a historic time as the 10th anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks... [More]

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