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New Online Degree Program to be Available for IAFF members

The IAFF through a collaboration with Penn Foster College will provide an A.S. Degree Program in Fire Service to its active members. The Princeton Review will provide the online service. The program is designed to meet the needs of working fire fighters seeking to advance their careers and will be... [More]

Why Generation X Can’t Afford to Retire

The Philadelphia Inquirer’s Maria Panaritis writes an interesting story on what Generation X can expect from their pensions and wages as they prepare to retire from the workforce. Generation Xers are considered the group born after the baby boomers during the mid-1960s through the early 1980s... [More]

Recipes from the Fire House Chef

Here are two recipes selected from the Firehouse Chef web site and the IAFF Menu Planner that will make you say ‘mmmm good.’Recipes from the IAFF Menu Planner CHICKEN W/ RED PEPPERS, MUSHROOMS, FETA    INGREDIENTS4     (6 ounce) boneless breast of chicken, sk... [More]

Fire Fighters ARE REALLY a tough group

Talk about the 2012 presidential elections is gaining momentum as more GOP candidates announce intentions to challenge President Obama for America’s top job. On Facebook, we asked what issues are of greatest concern for the 2012 elections. Of the 381 responses to our survey, 159 said the econ... [More]

Be Vigilant -- Be Safe!!!

Three major train accidents occurred over the past two weeks across the United States.   The first accident occurred in the NY/NJ Path subway system when a train crashed into the bumper at the end of the station in Hoboken, N.J.; injuring 34 passengers.  In the second incident, an emp... [More]

The Blame Game

A recent column by J. Patrick Coolican stirred up some interesting debate among Las Vegas Sun readers over who is to blame for America’s economic problems. The writer says that unions shouldn’t be blamed for the country’s stagnant economy. We agree on this point. But he also says... [More]

EMS stripped from Endicott fire fighters

Endicott, NY fire fighters will no longer be responsible for emergency management services.The city’s mayor has decided to strip EMS duties from fire fighters. Paul Higgins, union president of Local 1280, says the mayor’s decision boils down to petty politics and is retaliation agains... [More]

Who is promoting Gov. Kasich’s political agenda?

The Ohio Plunderbund blog has a nice write up on a new group tapped to promote the jobs agenda and budget of union-busting Gov. John Kasich.One Ohio United, a 501 (C)(4) non-profit organization, is leading the jobs growth push. The group also says it helps state and local governments function more e... [More]

With Friends Like These...

President Schaitberger made the decision to "turn off the spigot to federal candidates and federal parties, party committees and the super PACs that are created to support them" because, as he told reporter Steve Greenhouse of The New York Times: "We're tired that our friends have not been wil... [More]

Building a Better Atmosphere in Your Fire Station

Think you can improve your fire station vibe and promote a more collegial atmosphere among the fire fighters you work with everyday? Read this top ten list compiled by the Fire Critic. These tips are a good reminder of what’s needed to keep a good team going.

Fire Fighters Aren’t Sipping the Kool-Aid

There must be something floating in the water. Two days after Ohio Gov. John Kasich lauds public employees for their service while waging a battle over workers’ rights, the much disliked Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is now proposing to start a program honoring state employees for their service... [More]

What a Joke

Ohio Gov. John Kasich really knows how to get one’s blood pressure rising. The much-talked about union-busting governor is making headlines again this week. Kasich issued a proclamation on Monday extolling the work of public employees and teachers in particular for Public Service Appreciatio... [More]

Recipes from the Fire House Chef

Here are two recipes selected from the Firehouse Chef web site and the IAFF Menu Planner that will make you say ‘mmmm good.’ Recipes from the IAFF Menu Planner SALMON SALAD WITH APPLES AND CRANBERRIES INGREDIENTS4 ( 4-ounce)   salmon fillets, skinned½ c   ... [More]

Cleveland locals affiliate with OAPFF

Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s union busting tactics have galvanized fire fighters across the state to lead efforts to repeal SB5 legislation that strips collective bargaining rights away from public employee workers. Ohio fire fighters are fighting back with a renewed sense of solidarity. IAFF loc... [More]

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