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Getting Your Heart Healthy

What are you doing to make sure your heart is healthy? February is American Heart Month. Heart disease is recognized as the leading cause of death in the United States. Heart attacks were the leading cause of death for fire fighters last year, according to the United States Fire Administration (USF... [More]

Making the Case

Some IAFF members are emailing their favorite talk shows that they would like to see General President Harold Schaitberger discuss fire fighter pensions. Last week, the IAFF launched a national public relations campaign to defend its members from the politically motivated attacks on their pensi... [More]

Ask for What You Want (Maybe You Will be Rewarded)

The IAFF’s media campaign to stymie the political attacks against fire fighter pensions and other benefits has many of you buzzing.This week General President Harold Schaitberger appeared on Ed Schultz’s nationally syndicated radio show. In addition the Ed Schultz MSNBC program that aire... [More]

Political Rhetoric and Your Paychecks

Former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty has a “bone to pick with public workers.” Pawlenty, who has not announced his candidacy for president of the United States but who is expected run next year, is criticizing the public sector’s benefits system. Earlier this week while on a sp... [More]

Telling the Truth

The International Association of Fire Fighters is going on the offensive launching a nationwide advertising campaign to combat the misperceptions of fire fighter pensions. A full page ad  was published in USA Today. The IAFF’s campaign was also reported in the Wall Street Journal. In ad... [More]

Union Busting 2.0

Conservative leaders encouraging states to declare bankruptcy as a means of not honoring union contracts and pensions were challenged for their assertions in an editorial published in the New York Times Sunday. Unfortunately, the New York Times editorial falls into a bad media pattern of blaming pu... [More]

Your Enemies Move Fast

Earlier this week, the Frontline Blog warned affiliates to be wary of data compiled by DC-based consultant Leonard Matarese and his efforts to encourage city officials to merge fire and police services. Now it seems his organization is at it again, this time surfacing in Palo Alto. The Internation... [More]

Fire Tips to Keep Home Owners Safe this Winter

A fierce winter storm is sweeping the U.S., and fire fighters have a good opportunity to remind their communities of how to keep their homes safe during this cold season. In cities like Chicago, twenty inches of snow has accumulated within the past 24 hours. While residents concentrate on clearing ... [More]

Your Next Enemy

Saginaw, Michigan Local 102 is pushing back on a consultant’s report to merge fire and police services. DC-based consultant Leonard Matarese, a former cop and Director of Research and Public Safety Programs at the  International City/County Management Association, told Saginaw city leade... [More]

Sticks and Stones

Yesterday, the Las Vegas Review-Journal published this story calling Clark County Local 1908 fire fighters arrogant and greedy. The IAFF submitted this reproach from General President Harold Schaitberger for the unfair and malicious character assassination in author John L. Smith&rsqu... [More]

Not Cool

Fire fighters and EMS workers are deemed among the happiest professionals in the world. In addition, fire fighters rank as one of the most respected professions. But, Career Cast web site says being an EMT is “not a cool job” for 2011. The web site has released its pick of best and wors... [More]

City mayors say your pensions are hurting their bottom line

The layoffs of fire fighters and police in Camden, NJ continues to grab the national spotlight. Mayor Dana Redd appeared on the Diane Rehm show this week to discuss the massive layoffs. The show took a “pro city” turn because there was not an official to represent the unions.  But... [More]

Making Your Fire Station Secure

A shooting inside a police precinct in Detroit over the weekend has shocked many in the public safety community. Few details have been released about the incident or what motivated the gunman to go to the precinct. But the shooting, as well as a story about a man impersonating a fire fighter in a S... [More]

People Are Just Like Crabs

I was forwarded an email with a great story from Raul Bosque, a member of the Miami-Dade Local 1403 Executive Board. His email below illustrates the challenge we are up against as our opponents out there continue to demonize public workers because we’ve stuck up for ourselves over the years an... [More]

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