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Christmas Traditions

Christmas is just a week away and the IAFF knows that many members will be away from their families working on the this holiday. If you are on duty, do you and your crew have any special holiday traditions for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day?

You’re Still Crazy for Pink

Fire fighters’ efforts in Great Falls, Montana to raise breast cancer awareness are paying off big. Fire fighters raised $10,000 for cancer research and made a presentation to Benefis Health System and the Women Against Breast Cancer this week. Great Falls, MT Local 8 members wore pink shirt... [More]

Tis’ the season to help

It isn’t a fire or medical issue that will bring fire fighters to the Christown Mall in Phoenix on Wednesday. The fire fighters will “Ring the Bell” for the Salvation Army to help raise money for needy families in the Phoenix area. The fire fighters will surround Christown Mall w... [More]

Will They Come Back?

Detroit Mayor Dave Bing continues his efforts to get more fire fighters and police officers to move back in the city. The mayor plans to announce in the New Year that he has lured a significant number of public safety officers to live in Detroit neighborhoods. The city is offering incentives for th... [More]

A Job Well Done

The Lawrence Journal-World has a nice profile of IAFF member Lexie Engleman who is retiring from the Lawrence fire department in Kansas this month. Engleman, 60, became one of the first female fire fighters in Lawrence and in the state in 1981. She worked her way up the ranks and will retire as a c... [More]

Saving money by changing your shifts

As city leaders continue to grapple with how to balance budgets, a few are eyeing changes to fire fighters’ schedules as a way to make up revenue. In Pennsylvania, it has been reported that two mayors – in Harrisburg and Lancaster – are considering shifting schedules where fire fi... [More]

SAFER 2010

This week has been a busy one in terms of long-awaited news on the Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response (SAFER) grant program. I have spoken to locals in multiple states – including Michigan and New York – that were contacted by FEMA budget staff regarding banking and direc... [More]

Union leaders under fire in Stockton

Union disputes and city politics have taken a nasty turn in Stockton, California. Union leaders in Stockton’s police and fire departments are being investigated on allegations of misconduct. Captain Dave Macedo, president of Stockton Local 456, is being investigated for allegedly releasing a... [More]

Social Media and You

New York City fire fighters recently made headlines after a fire company posted unsanctioned Tweets alerting the public when fire fighters wouldn’t be able to respond to emergency calls. The “fire tweets” started conversations on web sites and community forums on how first respond... [More]

Fire fighters boycott Contra Costa Times Newspaper

Contra Costa fire fighters are fed up over how they are being portrayed in their local newspaper.Members of the Contra Costa Local 1230 Executive Board are encouraging its members and families to cancel their subscriptions to the Contra Costa Times.Local 1230 describes the Contra Costa Times “... [More]

The Silent Killer

Carbon monoxide poisoning is known as the silent killer. You can’t see it or smell it. However, it is the number-one cause of poisoning deaths in the world. Fire fighters and paramedics are at risk of exposure to carbon monoxide poisoning every day. That’s why the IAFF and the Interna... [More]

Collective Bargaining Update

Many affiliates no doubt have heard that Senator Harry Reid [D-Nevada] plans to invoke cloture on the IAFF’s collective bargaining bill and is hoping to move the measure to the Senate floor as soon as possible. This is a significant development in the decades-long attempt to extend bargaining... [More]

One fire fighters’ brave fight

One veteran fire fighter is raising awareness among his colleagues to wear protective gear long after they’ve extinguished flames.Bill Duncan has spent 33 years fighting fires in Kitchener, Ontario. The 55-year-old planned to retire this year, but instead of celebrating his many years of fire ... [More]

Fire fighters Gear Up for Annual Toy Drives

IAFF affiliates and their members won’t let the struggling economy get in the way of their holiday spirit. Many affiliates have long-standing traditions of providing toys to disadvantaged children while others are helping entire families survive the holiday season.Over Thanksgiving weekend, Sa... [More]

The Kitchen Sink

Your pensions are under attack.  Your healthcare costs increased. Your department budgets have been cut and you are being asked to work overtime while the department refuses to hire enough people to do the job. Some of you have been laid-off while others work daily in high risk environments... [More]

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