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Do You Look Like Your Pet?

Union Plus has launched a fun contest called the Union Pet Photo Contest. Think you look like your pet? If so, submit your photo before November 11, 2010, for a chance to win nearly $1,000 in prizes!

Pension Crisis? It's About the Revenue... Stupid

Ezra Klein , a writer for The Washington Post, answered a silly op-ed from David Brooks , of The New York Times, with a factual rebuttal that is useful in our fight to beat back the ridiculous claims that public employee pensions are crippling America. Using very interesting facts from the Ce... [More]

Why Are Your Pension Plans Being Attacked?

What do you think is behind the recent public pension backlash? What can be done to make sure employers will live up to their end of the bargain? Are current portrayals of the union correct? Are fire fighters and other union workers being unfairly portrayed as greedy in the press because of their pe... [More]

The Power of Social Networking

Tammi Brownlee was just three years old when she was led to safety after a fire ravaged her South Boston home in 1977. Stanley Foreman, a Pulitzer Prize winning photographer, documented the tragic incident that would forever change Brownlee’s life. Her six-year-old brother and young mother d... [More]

401(k) - Not a Retirement, Indeed a Failure

As the attacks continue on the best retirement security system in the world – defined benefit pensions – in favor of defined contributions plans, a blog by Edward Siedle on Forbes web site makes a stark prediction for an entire generation that is moving into their most vulnerab... [More]

Real fire fighters, Real West Virginians

The campaign for the Senate seat left vacant by Robert Byrd is heating up. Over the Columbus Day weekend, the IAFF gave its full support to West Virginia Governor Joe Manchin by releasing this video ad. The video, shot last Friday in Charleston, features real fire fighters from West Virginia. The ... [More]

All Politics are Local

Having been a Union member since 1993 I have noticed a change in our membership. Perhaps it is because they have not had to fight the hard battles like their Brothers before them, but more and more Brothers are concerned about themselves and not the greater good. I don’t mean they do... [More]

Washington Post Does a Hatchet Job on Public Employee Pensions

The latest fumble by the Fourth Estate in its attempt to write about public employee pensions can be found in Wednesday’s Washington Post. There are a lot of things wrong with the story. It’s terribly one-sided. It includes too few voices from labor. But one of the biggest problems with ... [More]

Pay to Spray?

  A fire department’s controversial decision to allow a rural Tennessee home to burn because a family didn’t pay for services has sparked a national debate. On Tuesday, IAFF’s General President Harold Schaitberger condemned the policy of the city of South Fulton in Obion Cou... [More]

Don’t Get Fired for Facebook Part II

Do you remember these do’s and don’ts of how to use Facebook and other social media safely? You can now add these five tips to the list on how not to let what you post online get you into hot water on the job. Social media is a great way to communicate with other people, but you should... [More]

Bringing Survivors Together

Forty young burn survivors are forging new friendships and memories this week as they participate in the IAFF’s annual international Burn Camp. General President Harold Schaitberger will speak to teens on their week-long visit to Washington, DC, and the group will also get to meet local fir... [More]

IAFF to Cincinnati

It may be four years away, but Cincinnati is already gearing up to host the 2014 IAFF convention. The Cincinnati USA Convention & Visitors Bureau announced the news Wednesday. You can see the full message on its website. With more than 2,500 union members expected to travel to Cincinnati and o... [More]

Firehouse Chefs

Think you know your way around a firehouse kitchen? Eddie Sell, a Long Beach, California, paramedic, is creator of Firehouse Chefs, a catering company that is in production on a new reality show. We suspect there a few more firehouse chef entrepreneurs out there with an interesting story to tell, an... [More]

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