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Care Enough to Wear Pink?

Is your local participating in a pink campaign? Fire fighters across North America are exchanging their regular duty shirts for pink T-shirts to help raise breast cancer awareness. At the 2010 IAFF Convention, delegates passed a resolution for the IAFF to recognize, support and encourage its affilia... [More]

At the Fallen Fire Fighter Memorial, Hitting all the Right Notes

More than 700 IAFF members have just finished practicing for the 2010 Fallen Fire Fighter Memorial Observance tomorrow in Colorado Springs. Pipes and drums, flag bearers, presenters, bell teams and readers went through the routine multiple times while the sun beat down on them all day. They come fr... [More]

This Guy Wants to Fight You

  The people who attack the pay of fire fighters look like this guy -- Kevin Hassett of the American Enterprise Institute.   Dark suits.  Smug.  “Think Tank” professionals who write things like:   "The biggest problem with the labor market right now is that... [More]

Union Made Stuff

The delegates at the 2010 IAFF Convention sent a clear message - the IAFF logo is to go on United States and Canadian union-made clothing and merchandise only. Delegates also asked for a place on the IAFF web site where our members could go to find union-made goods and services and information... [More]

Proud to be part of the IAFF Convention

We received the following message from MSgt Robert Sisk, USAF, regarding the Opening Ceremony this morning for the IAFF 50th Convention:First off, THANK YOU so much for inviting the military to participate in this wonderful event. I can only speak for myself but I for one was very moved, proud ... [More]

Local officials and media answer the call for a day

San Diego city officials and media played fire fighters for a day Saturday, August 21, and got a hands-on feel for what first responders go through every day. This Fire Ops demonstration took place on the grounds of the San Diego Fire Department Training Academy and was hosted by San Diego City Loca... [More]

California Study: Staffing Affects Efficiency

Wow! This is an extremely well done study. Not only does it address efficiency (similar to the wildland hose lay study the IAFF and Los Angeles County did for NFPA 10 years ago), but it establishes the physiological stress issues very clearly by crew size with very significant peak heart rates for a... [More]

States Take on Public Pensions

As threats to fire fighter pensions continue, it’s not just local pension plans that are threatened. State legislators are beginning to challenge one of the ironclad tenets of public pension policy… the tenet that says states cannot legally reduce pension benefits for current and future... [More]

Surrey Fire Fighters Identify Signs of Human Trafficking

Fire fighters in Canada are expanding the value and service they provide to their communities. Members of Surrey, BC Local 1271 are trained to spot and report signs of human trafficking, a growing problem in Canada - and around the world. This article appeared in Fire Fighting in Canada and online t... [More]

Fire Fighter: Most Stressful Job of 2010

A new study by CareerCast, an Internet job board, ranks fire fighter as the most stressful job of 2010, followed by senior corporate executive, taxi driver, surgeon, commercial pilot, public relations executive, advertising account executive and real estate agent. The study assessed more than 200 pr... [More]

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