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Don't get fired for Facebook

New media and new technology are revolutionizing how we communicate. These tools make sharing information quick and immediate, so make sure that your online activities don't interfere with your job or work activities. Always think about how others in your commmunity, department or local would percei... [More]

Bridgeport Tragedy

I want to extend my deepest sympathies to the families of Lt. Steven Velasquez and fire fighter Michael Baik, both of whom perished over the weekend in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Both men were members of Bridgeport Local 834. Both men were fathers and husbands. And both men will be missed by their bro... [More]

In Ann Arbor, Art vs. Fire Fighters

Is the tide turning? This article appears in the conservative American Spectator. Fox News did their own story as well. Liberal Ann Arbor is taking a beating. The debate is a bit unorthodox – art versus public safety – but it’s giving our Ann Arbor local a platf... [More]


An IAFF  member from Kalispell, MT Local 547 is encouraging his brothers and sisters to join IT TAKES FOUR, a new Facebook page to create awareness for the importance of adequate staffing in fire departments across the United States in an effort to educate local and state governments on why pro... [More]

Economic Crisis News Headlines

At the request of several IAFF members, the "Economic Crisis News Headlines" page on the IAFF web site is now only available to IAFF members and requires login. Some municipalities have discovered the ease of getting examples, printing them and using the information during meetings to gain consessio... [More]

For the Record: Collective Bargaining Won't Bankrupt Cities

12th District Vice President Larry Osborne shared this op-ed in the Charlotte Observer by Tom Brewer, vice president of Charlotte, NC Local 660, in support of our collective bargaining bill, soon to be taken up in the Senate. He makes a convincing argument for why this bill needs to be passed, prese... [More]

Targeted Tax Levies May Fly

The latest Pew Research poll results indicate that while there is little appetite among voters in the U.S. for generic state level tax increases to balance state budgets, there are some big nuances that may be useful to maintaining public safety budgets through targeted tax levies. Granted thi... [More]

Pension Fight, part two

Pension stories are coming fast and furious. This one from the labor reporter at the New York Times illustrates that public officials have ulterior motives [gasp!] -- they're using the pension crisis to tee off on public employee unions because they're getting political mileage out of it.

Fearing fear itself

Here is an excellent column summarizing just what the hold-up appears to be on the continuing, abysmal jobless numbers.  A slight majority in Congress favors continued assistance to the unemployed and a minor stimulus package to boost employment; but as we've all learned, a majority can't get a... [More]

Who owns your email?

Using a county/city/fire district provided email for your personal email? The planning director for Forsyth County, GA was, but he "has been on leave the past six weeks while officials review thousands of e-mails that include photos of naked women, bedroom talk and lewd jokes he exchanged with... [More]

Bipartisan support for Kagan

Going into next week's confirmation hearings for Elena Kagan, nominated by President Obama for Supreme Court, Kagan has landed support from past Solicitors General (her current post in the Obama Administration). Solicitors General from the Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, and Bush II administrations all sig... [More]

Air Crash Response – Ready Or Not?

Once upon a time in my previous life as a fire fighter in a medium sized New Hampshire fire department, we ‘covered’ a small municipal airport.  My first day as a rookie on Engine 7 (called “Top Gun” for its unique cab controlled overhead turret) I was told the appa... [More]

Pension Fight

Public employees are repeatedly hammered for their pensions. That's because public officials have succeeded in shifting the debate -- the discussion no longer is about their failure to make regular payments into pension funds. Now the conversation is about cutting pension benefi... [More]

SAFER Grants - Round 9

Today DHS released Round 9 of the FY09 SAFER grants providing an additional $3.6 million to fire departments across the country. The SAFER grants are assisting fire departments who have faced layoffs and vacant positions left unfilled as the result of current economic conditions. Among the awardees ... [More]

The Charleston Nine

The third anniversary of the Charleston tragedy is today.  Please take a moment to remember the nine fire fighters that gave their lives on that evening -- Brad Baity, Mike Benke, Melven Champaign, Earl Drayton, Billy Hutchinson, Mark Kelsey, Michael French, Louis Mulkey, and Brandon Thompson &... [More]

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