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SAFER Grants Bring Relief

DHS has awarded more than $12 million in SAFER grants, and more are expected to be announced before the end of the month. SAFER applications are being prioritized so that fire departments that have had layoffs are getting the highest priority and receiving their funding first. The new... [More]

Aggressive Local in Jacksonville

With two engine closures, 29 jobs and 53 demotions on the line, Jacksonville Local 122 is monitoring the work of those engines and blasting emails like this to "... all elected politicians in the county... all local media... all local party heads... politicos... people who run for office... register... [More]

Pensions Under Attack

We are in an era that may well be remembered for the most serious assaults on public pensions in the nation’s history. Every day, we see news headlines taking aim at public employee pensions, calling these plans grossly generous and accusing unions of plundering state coffers. But we know that... [More]

New York Retirement Funds land $624 million settlement

A New York State retirement fund and five New York City retirement systems have tentatively settled with Countrywide Financial and KPMG for a reported $624 million, to resolve a federal class-action lawsuit accusing the mortgage lender of violating securities law by making misstatements and omitting... [More]

New Survivor Benefits in Wisconsin

Governor Jim Doyle just signed important legislation brought forward by our state association, the Professional Fire Fighters of Wisconsin.  The law requires municipalities to now pay the health insurance premiums of the spouse and children (up to 27 years old) of a Wisconsin fire fighter ... [More]

Gulf Oil Spill Cleanup

We are deploying a couple of our HazMat instructors to assist with training workers heading to clean up the Gulf Coast and probably the Atlantic Coast from the BP oil disaster.  Chip Hughes, our granting partner from NIEHS sent these amazing photos of the oil rig fire…119 workers survive... [More]

Employment numbers: more, please

The employment numbers posted friday, plus the GDP numbers for the last quarter, has various economists saying more or less the same thing.  All that and the expected announcement of Pres. Obama's nominee for the Supreme Court reminds me to post this op-ed from last month.  After all, if w... [More]

Media Misreporting Public v. Private Compensation

With municipalities continuing to attack fire department budgets, and your pay and benefits, is your local paper inaccurately reporting how rich state and local workers are these days? Here’s a little help shining a bright light on that kind of shoddy reporting. This study by the National Ins... [More]

Notes on the Canadian Legislative Conference

Canadian IAFF locals wrapped up their 17th Annual Legislative Conference in Ottawa on Wednesday, April 28.  The very successful conference was attended by 135 delegates from IAFF locals across Canada.  The delegates were pleased to have both General President Schaitberger and General Secre... [More]

Announcement today?

  Rumors are continuing that Presidentt Obama will make his Supreme Court nomination announcement today, and that it will be Elena Kagan, the current Solicitor General.  Meanwhile, Orrin Hatch, a Republican Senator and ranking member of the minority party on the Judiciary Committee, has v... [More]

An Appalling Argument

David Wood of Politics Daily wrote the other day: The military draft once chose young Americans for war. Now the Army attracts them with generous pay and benefits.   You can guess where Wood goes next: But the heavy cost may be unsustainable. Wood ignores the extreme waste in the ... [More]

Fire Ground Exposures

Today’s fires are hotter and more dangerous than ever due to the synthetic products and building materials that are fueling them.  As modern technology has changed the way fire departments respond to various emergencies, fire fighters are slowly dying without recognition of the ... [More]

Gulf Oil Spill Disaster

NIOSH has just updated their website to include detailed health and safety information on the Gulf of Mexico oil spill disaster.  The US Department of Homeland Security has also created a website with real time updates on all response and clean up operations.  These sites provide pert... [More]

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