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IAFF participates in FDIC

On Monday and Tuesday (April 19 and 20), IAFF instructors delivered the IAFF Fire Ground Survival (FGS) Program as part of FDIC’s Hands-On Training (HOT) program.  The IAFF FGS training course, developed over the last two years, includes sections on Preventing a Mayday, Being Ready for a ... [More]

Schaitberger Speech at FDIC

Well over 5,000 fire fighters and fire officers, the great majority were IAFF members, listened to General President Schaitberger during the opening of the 2010 Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC) in Indianapolis this morning.   He spoke for about 30 minutes and took issue with publ... [More]

My most recent station visit

Brothers and Sisters,   I want to let you know about my most recent station visit last Friday in Baltimore and pass along some thoughts about our affiliates there, like so many of you,  who find themselves in the line of fire. Budget cuts in Baltimore have led to a raft of RIFs, station ... [More]

Fourth amendment rights case to go before Supreme Court

Take a look at this interesting post from a lawyers' blog on a case to go before the Supreme Court next week: City of Ontario (Cal.) v. Quon.  The 9th Circuit decided in favor of a police sergeant who had used a City-issued pager for personal messages (many of them very explicit) with co-w... [More]

The Right to Live

    Twenty-nine miners were killed by an April 5 explosion in Massey Energy’s Upper Big Branch Mine in West Virginia.  The miners were not represented by a union.  Nine fire fighters were killed in a June 18, 2007 fire at the Sofa Super Store in Charleston, SC.  The... [More]

Case and legal news

Fire chief's 15-day suspension upheld despite First Amendment concerns The U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit upheld a District Court's decision rejecting a First Amendment claim by Randolph, Mass. Fire Chief Charles Foley, who was suspended for fifteen days after lamenting underfunding an... [More]

SAFER Grants will now follow correct priortization

    SAFER Update   Without question, it was good news on March 31 when DHS and FEMA released $55.8 million in SAFER grants.   But as we scanned the list of departments that will receive these initial grants as part of the first round of funding, we had serious concerns abou... [More]

What Stevens' announcement means for fire fighters

  Confirming recent speculation (also here) Justice John Paul Stevens will conclude 35 years on the Supreme Court bench, effective at the beginning of the Summer recess. And so the insider speculation about his replacement begins. Stevens has been with employees, including public em... [More]

Welcome to the IAFF Frontline Blog

Brothers and sisters,   Welcome to the IAFF’s latest innovation. Today we are embracing the future with the launch of the IAFF Frontline Blog. This blog represents another step in the evolution of our communications effort.   Years ago we relied on our magazine to spread the word... [More]

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