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Are the rich getting richer?

As fire fighters battle politicians to protect their retirement plans and benefits, rich billionaires keep getting financial breaks. The Center for Media and Democracy reports the charitable wing of billionaire David Koch’s Americans for Prosperity has spent nearly $900,000 on political ads f... [More]

Scott Walker’s Effect on Wisconsin

Scott Walker promised Wisconsinites he could spur job and economic development while campaigning for the state’s top job four years ago. Wisconsinites were sold a bag of goods. Walker, an enemy to workers and public sector unions everywhere, declared his administration would create 250,000 n... [More]

Interesting Figures for AFG and SAFER grants

As fire grants, both AFG and SAFER continue to be awarded each week it’s time to prepare for fiscal year 2014 application periods. FEMA is planning to release guidance for AFG in September 2014, SAFER in November 2014 and FP&S January 2015. Here are a few interesting points to consider as... [More]

Five Tips on 9-Volt Battery Safety

Common household items may present dangers to home owners that they are unaware. Items such 9-volt batteries if left improperly stored have resulted in serious fire incidents. In many households, it is common for homeowners to place batteries in a junk drawer that contain other items like keys, pap... [More]

DOT Issues Crude Oil Transport Order

As I discussed in a previous blog, there have been incidents involving crude oil railroad shipments that have derailed, releasing the shipment and resulting in fires. First responders should be aware of the products being transported through their jurisdiction and be prepared for an incident. The U... [More]

Are You Ready for the 52nd IAFF Convention?

We are just 66 days away before the IAFF arrives in Cincinnati, Ohio, for its biennial Convention July 14-18. Approximately 2,500 delegates are expected to travel to Cincinnati for the Convention to chart the course of the IAFF over the next two years, as well as help the local economy. The Cincinn... [More]

National Arson Awareness Week

What is your local doing to raise awareness about vehicle arsons in your community? Over the last decade, an average of 14,737 vehicle arsons have been reported, accounting for 26.5 percent of total arson fires annually. As part of National Arson week the U.S. Fire Administration (USFA) is launchi... [More]

Rail Transportation of Crude Oil

The latest incident to involve the rail transportation of crude oil and the results when a derailment occurs was seen on Wednesday afternoon, April 30th, in Lynchburg, VA. There are several articles about the incident which contain both pictures and video of the incident and the resulting fire. Fo... [More]

Koch Brothers Spread Negative Influence

Time Magazine made a splash recently with the release of its 100 most influential people in the world - a list that also includes the billionaire Koch Brothers.  The brothers, David and Charles, who are enemies to workers everywhere, are featured as titans of business. In the the write-up, ... [More]

Lobbyists Deny Flame Retardant Links to Fire Fighters and Cancer

Fire fighters are being exposed to toxins and diagnosed with cancer in high numbers, but representatives of the chemical industry want you to think otherwise. There is significant scientific evidence that demonstrates fire fighters have higher incidents of cancer compared to other occupational illn... [More]

Update: Missouri Right to Work

Right to Work should be called the ‘right to divide’ as legislation continues to be pushed in Missouri. The Missouri House of Representatives agreed upon language and are now waiting on a handful of lawmakers to bring it to a final vote. If both the House and Senate approve a Right to ... [More]

The Buying and Reselling of America

The American Legislative Exchange Council is at it again.  Late last week, the shadowy organization released its annual publication “Rich States Poor States” billed as a way to “identify the states that have policies that can lead a state to economic prosperity and those that ... [More]

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