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What to Expect in Statehouses This Season

As state legislators reconvene for the year, fire fighters can expect more anti-union legislation. Our political opponents are determined to enact policies that curb the power of labor unions.  In at least nine states, Right to Work bills are expected to be introduced in Wisconsin, New Mexico... [More]

Scott Walker for President in 2016? Oh No!!

Scott Walker, the guy who took collective bargaining rights away from most public workers in Wisconsin, is being discussed as a possible presidential candidate in 2016. Walker who was just recently re-elected as governor of Wisconsin said he is seriously considering launching a presidential bid. He... [More]

New Pipe & Drum and Honor Guard Ground Rules

Written by IAFF Health and Safety Staff The IAFF Honor Guard and Massed Pipe & Drum Band continues to grow with more than 900 members participating in the annual Fallen Fire Fighter Memorial ceremony in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  To maintain the solemnity of the ceremony and to ensure th... [More]

Improving Fire Fighter Safety Discussed at FIERO Symposium

Blog Courtesy of IAFF Health and Safety staff Ron McGraw Today, the third bi-annual Fire Industry Equipment Research Organization (FIERO) personal protective equipment symposium opened in Raleigh North Carolina. FIERO is a not-for-profit organization under the guidance of a board of directors whos... [More]

IAFF Local 5 Proudly Play Host to Families of The Fallen

Colorado Springs, Local 5 is by no means a large local, but each September its members demonstrate that when it comes to playing host to thousands of family members of their fallen brothers and sisters, they punch well above their weight class. "This is a time of great pride for Local 5," says Loca... [More]

Six Ways to Keep Active Retired Members Engaged

Guest Blog Written by Joe Bertoni. The role that our retired brothers and sisters should play in their local’s affairs has no doubt been debated by many locals in our International union and, unfortunately, may at times be a source of friction within a local. But it doesn’t have to b... [More]

Updates from the 2012 Alfred K. Whitehead Legislative Conference

2012 Alfred K. Whitehead Legislative Conference website       Day Three IAFF Goes to Congress IAFF members set off to meet lawmakers on Capitol Hill Wednesday. Nearly 700 members from across the country are in Washington, DC to discuss the challenges that first responders fac... [More]

Keeping Bed Bugs Out of the Firehouse

Written by the IAFF's Health and Safety Department Today more than ever bed bugs are evading places beyond homes and residences. These pesky creatures are creeping into city government buildings, schools, hospitals, mass transit and in retail establishments. Fire fighters and paramedics can provi... [More]

St. Louis fire fighters fight for pensions

By Ron Saathoff, Director of IAFF's Pension Resource Department The pension attacks keep coming and St. Louis fire fighters are in the eye of the storm. Democratic Mayor Francis Slay is proposing to reform the pensions of fire fighters, including those who are vested in the pension system. A fire... [More]

Holiday Message

The holiday season is in full swing. And Frontline staff bloggers would like to extend a special thanks to all its readers. We will not publish any new posts until the week of January 3, 2012. You can count on us to keep you up to date on the issues affecting fire fighters and EMS workers in the ... [More]

How Defined Benefit Pension Payments Support the Economy

Written by Ron Saathoff, Director of the IAFF's Pension Resource  Department It’s no secret that public pensions are being attacked at local and state levels, while legislators continue to introduce – and in some cases – pass pension reform bills aimed at increasing member co... [More]

Florida Supreme Court denies Gainesville appeal

Written by Ron Saathoff, director of the Pension Resource Department, International Association of Fire Fighters Gainesville, Florida fire fighters and other public employee unions in the city got a well-deserved victory in the fight to protect worker rights.This week the Florida Supreme Court den... [More]

Who Will be Crowned the Worst Governor Ever?

By: Carly Lanning, IAFF Communications and Media Department Fire fighters have lived under some bad governors in the last year or two, but who is the worst? This year has been a tough one for fire fighters as many of our brothers and sisters across the United States have felt the pressures of the ... [More]

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