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New FLSA Manual Released

The Legal Department and Woodley & McGillivary have completed the IAFF's FLSA Manual, which is available on the IAFF web site for IAFF affiliate officers.  Click here to log on to the Legal Department's web site. The new FLSA manual is over 140 pages of detailed case law summaries, updates... [More]

New York Retirement Funds land $624 million settlement

A New York State retirement fund and five New York City retirement systems have tentatively settled with Countrywide Financial and KPMG for a reported $624 million, to resolve a federal class-action lawsuit accusing the mortgage lender of violating securities law by making misstatements and omitting... [More]

Employment numbers: more, please

The employment numbers posted friday, plus the GDP numbers for the last quarter, has various economists saying more or less the same thing.  All that and the expected announcement of Pres. Obama's nominee for the Supreme Court reminds me to post this op-ed from last month.  After all, if w... [More]

Announcement today?

  Rumors are continuing that Presidentt Obama will make his Supreme Court nomination announcement today, and that it will be Elena Kagan, the current Solicitor General.  Meanwhile, Orrin Hatch, a Republican Senator and ranking member of the minority party on the Judiciary Committee, has v... [More]

Fourth amendment rights case to go before Supreme Court

Take a look at this interesting post from a lawyers' blog on a case to go before the Supreme Court next week: City of Ontario (Cal.) v. Quon.  The 9th Circuit decided in favor of a police sergeant who had used a City-issued pager for personal messages (many of them very explicit) with co-w... [More]

Case and legal news

Fire chief's 15-day suspension upheld despite First Amendment concerns The U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit upheld a District Court's decision rejecting a First Amendment claim by Randolph, Mass. Fire Chief Charles Foley, who was suspended for fifteen days after lamenting underfunding an... [More]

What Stevens' announcement means for fire fighters

  Confirming recent speculation (also here) Justice John Paul Stevens will conclude 35 years on the Supreme Court bench, effective at the beginning of the Summer recess. And so the insider speculation about his replacement begins. Stevens has been with employees, including public em... [More]

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