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Right to Work… For Less

The Washington Post has published two thought-provoking blogs on right-to-work following the decision by the Michigan legislature and the state’s governor to push right-to-work legislation in that state. Nelson Lichtenstein, a labor historian at the University of California-Santa Barbara, giv... [More]

Fire Fighter Ranks as Second Most Stressful Job of 2012

CareerCast, an Internet job board, ranks fire-fighting as the second most stressful job of 2012. The study says “fire fighters put their lives on the line to save others. The high degree of danger mixed with life and death decisions makes this our number two most stressful job.”CareerCa... [More]

Romney opposes collective bargaining rights for public workers

During his tenure as Massachusetts Governor, Mitt Romney proved he does not support fire fighters and paramedics, promoting policies that resulted in budget cuts to fire departments and raising fees. The Republican candidate for president is not a fan of public sector unions, saying at one point du... [More]

Romney Wants to Eliminate Fire Fighter Jobs

There are some good analyses of Mitt Romney's remarks in Iowa. In no uncertain terms, Romney said he thinks we have too many fire fighters, police officers and teachers. But others have argued forcefully that preserving public sector jobs is crucial and would lower the unemployment ra... [More]

Don’t let em’ fool ya!

The political silly season is in full force. Elected officials who are anti-labor friendly seem hell-bent on muddling the political message as the November elections near. Take California Congressman Darrell Issa for example. Issa, who is reportedly the richest member of Congress, launched a webs... [More]

Protecting Public Employee Pensions

As more governors try to force 401 (k) style pension plans on public employees, a group of pension experts say they aren’t the solution for workers who want a secure retirement. “The real issue is why defined benefit plans make sense,” said Dean Baker, a co-director, of the Center... [More]

General President Fired Up for the New Year

General President Harold Schaitberger appeared on the Rebuild America radio show Wednesday to discuss the political attacks waged on IAFF members and public sector unions in 2011.General President Schaitberger also told radio host Jeff Santos that fire fighters and paramedics are a special group wh... [More]

How will redistricting affect you?

It’s the behind the scenes show most American voters don’t get to see. Elected officials are drawing up new legislative and congressional districts for the next decade. The new boundaries can determine the outcome of local, state, and national elections for years to come.Are you up to da... [More]

President’s Plan Will Put Fire Fighters Back to Work

President Barack Obama’s American Jobs Act is a step in the right direction to put fire fighters and paramedics back to work and help make communities safer. As a part of his jobs plan, the president has proposed $1 billion in the form of federal grants to municipalities across the country to... [More]

Your Guide to ALEC

Do you know where your tax dollars are going? In some states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Tennessee and Kansas taxpayer money is being used to support state lawmakers’ membership in the 501(c) 3 non-profit organization, American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). Since the late 1970s, AL... [More]

The Issues Affecting You

General President Harold Schaitberger will appear on Sirius/XM’s StandUP with Pete Dominick this afternoon starting at 4 (EST). General President Schaitberger will discuss national domestic policy issues affecting working families. You can listen to the interview by logging into the Politics... [More]

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