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New poll finds Americans want stronger economy

A new Bloomberg News poll released Wednesday finds more Americans are becoming frustrated with President Barack Obama’s handling of the economy. Thirty percent of Americans said they will vote for President Obama for re-election. Thirty-six percent of Americans said they definitely won’... [More]

Twisted Logic: The Scott Walker Story

Controversial Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker made a big splash this morning co-hosting C-NBC’s the “Squawk  Box.” Walker defended his state’s budget and his decision to ram through a very unpopular collective bargaining bill that led to thousands to protest at the stat... [More]

Why Generation X Can’t Afford to Retire

The Philadelphia Inquirer’s Maria Panaritis writes an interesting story on what Generation X can expect from their pensions and wages as they prepare to retire from the workforce. Generation Xers are considered the group born after the baby boomers during the mid-1960s through the early 1980s... [More]

The Blame Game

A recent column by J. Patrick Coolican stirred up some interesting debate among Las Vegas Sun readers over who is to blame for America’s economic problems. The writer says that unions shouldn’t be blamed for the country’s stagnant economy. We agree on this point. But he also says... [More]

Stripping Collective Bargaining from Ohio Workers

Members of the Ohio Senate passed legislation Wednesday that would effectively strip collective bargaining rights from public workers. Senate Bill 5 narrowly passed by a 17 to 16 vote. The bill will now move to Ohio’s House of Representatives which has a Republican majority. However, public w... [More]

Gov. Walker Are You Listening?

Most Americans say Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is on the wrong side of the collective bargaining debate. About 62 percent of Americans say it is unacceptable for states to eliminate employee’s collective bargaining rights, according to a new poll released by NBC and the Wall Street Journa... [More]

The next battlefront moves to Michigan

A nasty assault on collective bargaining rights is playing out in the Michigan Legislature. A series of anti-worker bills introduced by the conservative led legislature is threatening the existence of public unions across the state. Labor unions are particularly concerned about the Emergency Finan... [More]

Md. fire fighter group speaks against roadside ban

The Montgomery County Career Firefighter's Association may find it harder to raise money for the MDA if a proposal banning roadside solicitations is passed.Montgomery County officials are considering a ban on roadside solicitations after a report was issued expressing safety concerns of some residen... [More]

A Calculated Battle to Discredit Unions

Politico.com examines the behind the scene effort to take down public sector unions in Wisconsin. The web story is long, but worth reading because it identifies groups who are influencing elected officials in Wisconsin and other states to reduce government salaries and benefits. Think-tank groups ... [More]

The Truth Teller? NJ Public Unions Think Not

Do you want to know why New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is trying to destroy the public unions in his state? Read this New York Times profile to see if you can find an answer. The Times story will run in the Sunday Magazine this weekend and it examines Christie’s arrogant attitude towards publ... [More]

Michigan City Decides to Layoff Fire Department

Allen Park, Michigan is proposing to lay off its entire fire department by June citing budgetary concerns, even though fire fighters have agreed to nearly $1 million in concessions. However, some Allen Park residents question if the dismissal of fire fighters is a thinly disguised attempt at union b... [More]

Pension Nonsense from the Playbook of our Opponents

Well this story sheds some light on who’s fueling the latest wave in the pension fight against public employees. The playbook of our opponents includes providing states a path into bankruptcy so they can wiggle out from under their pension obligations to public employees. Americans for Tax Ref... [More]

State Budgets and Your Pensions

Public employees are not feeling any “holiday love” this season as some political leaders continue to use them as scapegoats in efforts to cut pension plans. Last night, 60 Minutes reported a segment on state budgets and the financial dire straits many are experiencing. Illinois and Ne... [More]

Collective Bargaining Update

Many affiliates no doubt have heard that Senator Harry Reid [D-Nevada] plans to invoke cloture on the IAFF’s collective bargaining bill and is hoping to move the measure to the Senate floor as soon as possible. This is a significant development in the decades-long attempt to extend bargaining... [More]

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