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Manchin Update

The political ad produced and paid for by the IAFF’s federal political action committee in support of West Virginia Governor Joe Manchin’s campaign for the U.S. Senate ran on cable networks throughout West Virginia nearly 1,000 times. The ad has been viewed nearly 5,500 ti... [More]

Real fire fighters, Real West Virginians

The campaign for the Senate seat left vacant by Robert Byrd is heating up. Over the Columbus Day weekend, the IAFF gave its full support to West Virginia Governor Joe Manchin by releasing this video ad. The video, shot last Friday in Charleston, features real fire fighters from West Virginia. The ... [More]

Washington Post Does a Hatchet Job on Public Employee Pensions

The latest fumble by the Fourth Estate in its attempt to write about public employee pensions can be found in Wednesday’s Washington Post. There are a lot of things wrong with the story. It’s terribly one-sided. It includes too few voices from labor. But one of the biggest problems with ... [More]

At the Fallen Fire Fighter Memorial, Hitting all the Right Notes

More than 700 IAFF members have just finished practicing for the 2010 Fallen Fire Fighter Memorial Observance tomorrow in Colorado Springs. Pipes and drums, flag bearers, presenters, bell teams and readers went through the routine multiple times while the sun beat down on them all day. They come fr... [More]

In Ann Arbor, Art vs. Fire Fighters

Is the tide turning? This article appears in the conservative American Spectator. Fox News did their own story as well. Liberal Ann Arbor is taking a beating. The debate is a bit unorthodox – art versus public safety – but it’s giving our Ann Arbor local a platf... [More]

Pension Fight, part two

Pension stories are coming fast and furious. This one from the labor reporter at the New York Times illustrates that public officials have ulterior motives [gasp!] -- they're using the pension crisis to tee off on public employee unions because they're getting political mileage out of it.

Pension Fight

Public employees are repeatedly hammered for their pensions. That's because public officials have succeeded in shifting the debate -- the discussion no longer is about their failure to make regular payments into pension funds. Now the conversation is about cutting pension benefi... [More]

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