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Welcome Back to 2011!

Our political opponents are ramping up their attacks against us. And we won’t let them get away with trying to take away the rights we earned and fought hard to win. Politico, a Capitol Hill publication in Washington, D.C., provides a summary of state battles and misbehaving elected officials... [More]

The Brave New Dangerous ALEC Frontier

Sometimes it is the little things that can catch you off guard. The IAFF does not want its members to be blindsided by the American Legislative Exchange Council’s new strategy to attack the rights of workers. ALEC, a politically ultra-conservative non-profit, which thrives on operating in th... [More]

In the Rearview Mirror

The 2012 presidential elections are now in the history books. However, the memory of the voting chaos in Florida and other states still lingers. Over the Thanksgiving weekend The Palm Beach Post published a story confirming what voters in Florida already knew -- that great efforts were made to supp... [More]

Follow the Money

2012 is a make or break year for America’s middle class. And the IAFF has tried to emphasize through our Fighting Back campaign how important it is for our members to participate in the political process. A list of the top 50 super PACs was released recently and some of the biggest spenders ... [More]

Romney, Santorum push Right to Work in Michigan

In one week, Michigan Republican primary voters will cast their vote for who they want to see run against President Barack Obama in the general election. Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney and former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum are leading in the primary polls. While the two cand... [More]

Where do they stand?

All eyes are on Indiana as Right-to-Work legislation continues to be debated.Opponents of the legislation are pushing for a referendum in November for voters to decide whether to enact the measure that would prevent private employee unions from seeking contracts that mandate all workers pay union fe... [More]

Right to Work Issue is Debated in Indiana

We may have ushered in a new year, but politicians are up to their same old tricks trying to hijack the rights of workers. All eyes are on the state of Indiana.  Right to work legislation is currently being debated that would prevent private employee unions from seeking contracts that mand... [More]

Is the Pope coming to your state?

By now fire fighters are well familiar on how the Koch Brothers used their money to influence Wisconsin politics by taking away collective bargaining rights and are now doing the same thing in Ohio. But here is a story of someone you may not have heard of using his money to push pro-business policie... [More]

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