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Interesting Figures for AFG and SAFER grants

As fire grants, both AFG and SAFER continue to be awarded each week it’s time to prepare for fiscal year 2014 application periods. FEMA is planning to release guidance for AFG in September 2014, SAFER in November 2014 and FP&S January 2015. Here are a few interesting points to consider as... [More]

DOT Issues Crude Oil Transport Order

As I discussed in a previous blog, there have been incidents involving crude oil railroad shipments that have derailed, releasing the shipment and resulting in fires. First responders should be aware of the products being transported through their jurisdiction and be prepared for an incident. The U... [More]

Rail Transportation of Crude Oil

The latest incident to involve the rail transportation of crude oil and the results when a derailment occurs was seen on Wednesday afternoon, April 30th, in Lynchburg, VA. There are several articles about the incident which contain both pictures and video of the incident and the resulting fire. Fo... [More]

Railway Incidents Involving Hazardous Materials

As many of you are aware, there have been several recent incidents that have involved railway derailments of tank cars and the release of hazardous materials with fire. The IAFF would like to remind emergency response personnel of the importance of effective size-up to provide a risk-based response.... [More]

FIRE Act Grant Application Deadline Is Dec. 6

Don’t miss the opportunity to receive federal grant funding to bring the IAFF Fire Ground Survival (FGS) Train-the-Trainer program, the IAFF Wellness-Fitness Initiative (WFI) and the IAFF/IAFC/ACE Peer Fitness Trainer (PFT) certification program to your fire department by applying for an Assis... [More]

How the Government Shutdown Affects SAFER grants

The IAFF Grants Administration department is receiving many questions relating to the Federal Government shutdown and the impact on FEMA grants, specifically the SAFER grants which keep IAFF members on the job.  Those departments that have already received awards will receive the total appropri... [More]

SAFER – Batters Up!

Baseball season means swings, hits and misses.  Sometimes a fastball, sometimes a curveball, but both sides should be prepared to play ball and know what is expected of each player.  Writing grants follows a similar process, but unlike the batter, the fire service grant writing team knows... [More]

Training, did you get anything out of it?

Have you ever left a training class and thought to yourself, "We'll, that was a huge waste of time,"?  If you did, I guarantee it wasn't an IAFF training program.As you may know, the IAFF's HazMat Training Department is 100% funded with federal grants.  We deliver more than 300 classes a y... [More]

So... Your Department Declined a SAFER Award

I’ve had a lot of inquiries from my latest blog on SAFER grants, particularly questioning why a department would go through the effort to apply for a SAFER grant and then reject it.  Believe it or not it happens.  For those of you that it happens to, you are not alone.  Ever... [More]

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