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IAFF Collaborates on Juvenile Fire Setters Program

Written by Thomas Flamm, IAFF Burn Fund Coordinator The IAFF Charitable Foundation is serving on the frontlines to help increase prevention efforts and outreach to limit the number of fire incidents committed by juvenile fire starters. With recent stories coming out of San Antonio, TX with law enf... [More]

Find Union Made Halloween Treats

Brian K. Foughty, 2nd District V.P. for the Professional Fire Fighters of Oklahoma, provided this list of union-made candy for handing out on Halloween. Stick to this list of sugary confections and you can feel good about supporting America and unions across the country this Halloween.   Abba... [More]

Stop Blaming Fire Fighters

Richard "Rick" Cailler, president of  Lewiston, Maine Local 785 serves as today's guest blogger. Fire Fighters are not the enemy, but some elected leaders will have you think we are the root of all evil. They are finding it easy to blame us and other public employees for all that’s wro... [More]

All Politics are Local

Having been a Union member since 1993 I have noticed a change in our membership. Perhaps it is because they have not had to fight the hard battles like their Brothers before them, but more and more Brothers are concerned about themselves and not the greater good. I don’t mean they do... [More]

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