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ALEC Gives Lawmakers Legislative Ammo

The massive wave of attacks on fire fighters and the entire labor movement that began following the 2010 mid-term elections did not just happen on its own.The political weather  — a frothy mix of economic anxiety and “blamestorming”  — gave extreme right-wing legisl... [More]

Bridgeport Tragedy

I want to extend my deepest sympathies to the families of Lt. Steven Velasquez and fire fighter Michael Baik, both of whom perished over the weekend in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Both men were members of Bridgeport Local 834. Both men were fathers and husbands. And both men will be missed by their bro... [More]

Fire Fighter Staffing and Deployment Study Released

A landmark fire service study on fire fighter safety and the deployment of resources has just been released. You can find our story about the report and the study here and here.   We held a meeting and press conference in Washington, D.C., to outline the salient points in this ground-breaking... [More]

My most recent station visit

Brothers and Sisters,   I want to let you know about my most recent station visit last Friday in Baltimore and pass along some thoughts about our affiliates there, like so many of you,  who find themselves in the line of fire. Budget cuts in Baltimore have led to a raft of RIFs, station ... [More]

SAFER Grants will now follow correct priortization

    SAFER Update   Without question, it was good news on March 31 when DHS and FEMA released $55.8 million in SAFER grants.   But as we scanned the list of departments that will receive these initial grants as part of the first round of funding, we had serious concerns abou... [More]

Welcome to the IAFF Frontline Blog

Brothers and sisters,   Welcome to the IAFF’s latest innovation. Today we are embracing the future with the launch of the IAFF Frontline Blog. This blog represents another step in the evolution of our communications effort.   Years ago we relied on our magazine to spread the word... [More]

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