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Got an award-winning story? Enter the IAFF’s Media Awards

Have you read a really good news story that illustrates the hard work and sacrifice of fire fighters? Enter that story in the annual IAFF Media Awards Contest. There are 19 categories to enter, ranging from print, broadcast, Internet and IAFF affiliate categories that honor the professional and da... [More]

Compare and Contrast

The political choices in the 2012 presidential election are clear. Compare the two candidates and the statements they’ve made this week about the election. President Obama tells Rolling Stone Magazine, “I think the general election will be as sharp a contrast between the two parties as ... [More]

Keeping the heat on ALEC

The bad news keeps coming for the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). Late Friday, Proctor & Gamble announced it would not rejoin the shadowy group. Proctor and Gamble released this statement: ‘Decisions about which memberships we retain are guided by budgetary considerations, ... [More]

More Bad News for ALEC

YUM! Brands is the latest Fortune 500 corporation to announce it is cutting ties with the radical, right-wing American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). YUM! Brands is the owner of (KFC), Taco Bell and Pizza Hut fast food restaurants. YUM! Brands reportedly co-chaired ALEC’s Labor and Bus... [More]

ALEC feels the pressure

The radical, right wing American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is feeling the heat of the spotlight.  The group announced Tuesday it would eliminate its public safety task force that helped to draft controversial legislation such as Florida’s “Stand Your Ground Law.” In... [More]

How ridiculous can the presidential elections get?

We told you last week that the political madness season is in full force. A story that caught our attention last week concerns a political prank done by presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney’s camp to launch two fake Twitter accounts for Vice President Joe Biden and Democratic national C... [More]

Walker’s Attack Ads

Wisconsin’s Governor Scott Walker is wasting no time attacking his potential opponents in an attempt to hold on to his job. Walker released television ads attacking the two Democratic frontrunners challenging him in the June 5 recall election. Walker hits Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett on the i... [More]

Hamburger Restaurants Flip Off ALEC

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is getting kicked to the curb again this week. This time two of America’s most popular fast food restaurants -- McDonald’s and Wendy’s International -- are doing the dumping. ALEC is the corporate-funded organization that writes ra... [More]

The spending spree begins

We’ve said time and again that 2012 is a make or break year for America’s middle class. A couple of weeks ago, we shared a list of the top 50 super PACs that includes some of America’s biggest spenders who are willing to shell out big bucks supporting presidential candidates who d... [More]

Big Businesses Continue to Pull Support of ALEC

Big corporations are fleeing like flies from the right-wing corporate group the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is the latest backer to withdraw financial support from the organization that has helped push anti-worker legislation across the United... [More]

Taking Names

We’ve been providing updates about the treacherous reach of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), which is pushing harmful bills designed to do away with unions and worker rights across the United States. Some major corporations, inlcuding Coca Cola, PepsiCo and Kraft Foods &ndash... [More]

The Fight Over Wisconsin Continues

The political theater continues in Wisconsin as news broke over the weekend that a federal judge struck down key parts of Governor Scott Walker’s union-busting bill. According to the ruling, the state can’t prevent public employees from collecting voluntary dues through payroll deductio... [More]

Romney’s Bad View of Unions

If you have questions about why the IAFF will work to make sure “Mitt Romney’s view of the White House is from a tourist bus” – as General President Harold Schaitberger told IAFF members attending the IAFF 2012 Legislative Conference – then Romney’s remarks on the... [More]

Protecting Your Social Media History from Your Employer

Yikes! This interview raised some eyebrows about companies asking applicants to give them their Facebook and Twitter passwords in order to gain more insight to their personalities. For IAFF members wondering if they could be subjected to the same thing, the answer is no. Employers can’t acce... [More]

Former DC fire fighter speaks on city's rebranding efforts

A retired Washington, DC fire fighter is speaking out on the fire department’s rebranding efforts.Pat Walsh, who worked for the fire department for 26-years, sent these comments to the IAFF Frontline Blog.“While on the face of it, the current controversy over DCFD vs. FEMS, would seem to... [More]

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