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Cleveland locals affiliate with OAPFF

Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s union busting tactics have galvanized fire fighters across the state to lead efforts to repeal SB5 legislation that strips collective bargaining rights away from public employee workers. Ohio fire fighters are fighting back with a renewed sense of solidarity. IAFF loc... [More]

What You Don't Know Can Hurt You

Like many IAFF affiliates in these tough times, Norton Shores, MI Local 2559 is fighting to protect public safety. Their story illustrates how important public education is for making sure you have your community's support when you need it. Norton Shores Local 2559 needed to generate ... [More]

Hitting ‘em in the pocket book

Fire fighters were ecstatic to hear that labor groups throughout central Florida plan to withdraw money from banks supported by the Florida Chamber of Commerce today. Public employees and union members are expected to withdraw their organizational and personal finances estimating $10 million from B... [More]

Fire fighters try to avert layoffs in Waukegan, IL

Some IAFF members have asked for more information about the layoffs affecting 15 fire fighters in Waukegan, Illinois. Waukegan, IL Local 473 will hold discussions Wednesday with members of the City Council in hopes to avoid the layoffs. The layoffs would be effective May 14. Mike Scholle, vice-pre... [More]

Recipes from the Fire House Chef

Here are two recipes selected from the Firehouse Chef web site and the IAFF Menu Planner that will make you say ‘mmmm good.’ IAFF Menu Planner HERBED CHICKEN PICCATA       INGREDIENTS 2 tbsp.   dry plain breadcrumbs 1 tsp.     dried basil ... [More]

Walker denies Financial Martial Law (But Should We Believe Him?)

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) raised eyebrows again Monday when it was reported he was proposing a financial martial law in his state. Forbes. com reported Walker was working on legislation that would allow him to force local governments to submit to a financial stress test that would allow him t... [More]

Missing the Mark

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker isn’t the only politician getting a failing grade from some voters this week. Florida’s Governor Rick Scott isn’t getting high marks in his state either. Union leaders issued a performance evaluation of Scott’s first 100 days in office. He r... [More]

Deadliest Jobs

We know you risk your lives every day to save others. The Daily Beast has released the 20 riskiest jobs in America and fire fighters ranked second. Fishermen topped the list. Airplane pilots, police officers and loggers round out the top five. Hopefully, those politicians who try to strip collec... [More]

Grading Governor Scott Walker

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has completed his first 100 days in office. Local media outlets such as ABC 27 in Madison and NBC affiliate WEAU are marking the governor’s short and controversial stint in office by asking viewers what grade they would give him. Governor Walker gives himself ... [More]

Recipes from the Fire House Chef

Here are two soup recipes selected from the Firehouse Chef web site and the IAFF Menu Planner that will make you say ‘mmmm good.’ From the Firehouse Chef Cheddar-Potato Bake Ingredients • 1 can (10 3/4 oz) Campbell's Cheddar Cheese Soup • 1/3 cup sour cream or plain yog... [More]

Seeking Layoff Help

Union Plus has created a web page for union members who have been laid off the job. You’ll find information about job less grants, furlough grants, strike grants and much more. Go to this link for more information. Also, make sure you check out the IAFF’s Job Center for updates too. ... [More]

DC Fire Chief on Rebranding Kick

DC fire fighters are unhappy with a plan that would ban them from wearing anything that says District of Columbia Fire Department. DC Fire and Emergency Medical Service Chief Ken Ellerbe said he wants to make EMS more prominent in the banner. He is now requiring fire fighters to wear uniforms, t-sh... [More]

Florida Fire Fighters Face Big Test

Florida governor Rick Scott’s performance ratings are sinking into the toilet.A new poll released by Quinnipiac University finds 48 percent of 1,499 registered voters polled disapproved of Scott’s performance during his first three months in office, compared with 35 percent of voters who... [More]

The Real Kingmaker

As the 2012 presidential cycle gears up, some Republican candidates are turning to an opponent of fire fighters to help boost their appeal among conservative voters.Read this story in Politico about potential presidential candidates seeking an endorsement from New Jersey’s pension busting Gove... [More]

What Unions Mean for America’s Middle Class

How can America build a stronger middle class? A new report says the answer lies within a solid labor movement.The Center for American Progress Action Fund, a think tank based out of Washington, DC, finds unions make the middle class strong by giving workers a voice in the workplace and in the polit... [More]

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