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Fire fighters Gear Up for Annual Toy Drives

IAFF affiliates and their members won’t let the struggling economy get in the way of their holiday spirit. Many affiliates have long-standing traditions of providing toys to disadvantaged children while others are helping entire families survive the holiday season.Over Thanksgiving weekend, Sa... [More]

The Kitchen Sink

Your pensions are under attack.  Your healthcare costs increased. Your department budgets have been cut and you are being asked to work overtime while the department refuses to hire enough people to do the job. Some of you have been laid-off while others work daily in high risk environments... [More]

Are public employees overpaid?

It’s not easy being a public employee today as many of you continue to fight for your benefits and pensions. While the US government searches for solutions to stabilize the economy, public employees keep getting hammered in the press for “greediness” over the pensions they receive... [More]

How Social Media Can Help Save You in an Emergency

Social media has changed how we interact with each other daily.  And, it’s no surprise that more people are choosing to use Twitter and Facebook in emergency situations. In August, the American Red Cross released a social media survey finding that most of the public expect first responde... [More]

For Runners, Runners to Be and Sane Non-Runners

If you have two minutes, visit the Movement Challenge web site to support Prince George's County, MD Local 1619 member Jaimee Joroff. Jaimee ran the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, DC October 31 as part of the IAFF Burn Foundation Fitness Team. The marathon was one of many races she has run thi... [More]

Calling all public safety officers back to Detroit

Long before the recession took its toll on the national economy, Detroit was hit hard by slumping sales in the auto industry. More than half of the city’s public safety officers moved out of the city in recent years. Now Detroit mayor Dave Bing is initiating efforts to get more police and fir... [More]

Fire chief writes up department for bucking uniform policy

It was a parting shot heard around the Chelsea Fire Department in Massachusetts last week. The department’s fire chief suddenly retired, but not before he brought up disciplinary charges for nearly every fire fighter and fire officer.So what’s the offense? Former Chelsea Fire Chief Herb... [More]

Pink for a Cure

Pink is the uniform of the month for IAFF members throughout the United States and Canada. Hundreds of affiliates are conducting breast cancer awareness campaigns during October, trading blue duty shirts for pink in support of women in the fight against all cancers. Despite a difficult economy ... [More]

Could this happen in your city?

Should police -- not fire fighters -- investigate suspicious fires? What do you think? Is it bad policy for a police department to take over suspicious fires in town? What other ramifications do you see this having for fire officials?|The question was posed to readers by NJ.com Thursday after the ma... [More]

Want to show off your pink T-shirt design?

Enter your local’s 2010 pink campaign T-shirt in IAFF’s online contest. We’ll post pictures on our web site where you can vote for the T-shirt you like best. The grand prize is bragging rights and a free registration to our Affiliate Leadership Training Summit in Phoenix in Janua... [More]

Philly residents complain about fire station closures

Residents of Philadelphia are showing little patience for the city’s policy of “rolling brownouts” that close fire stations throughout the day. On Tuesday night, residents expressed their deep displeasure with City Council members saying the practice endangers too many lives. The... [More]

Do You Look Like Your Pet?

Union Plus has launched a fun contest called the Union Pet Photo Contest. Think you look like your pet? If so, submit your photo before November 11, 2010, for a chance to win nearly $1,000 in prizes!

Why Are Your Pension Plans Being Attacked?

What do you think is behind the recent public pension backlash? What can be done to make sure employers will live up to their end of the bargain? Are current portrayals of the union correct? Are fire fighters and other union workers being unfairly portrayed as greedy in the press because of their pe... [More]

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