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The Power of Social Networking

Tammi Brownlee was just three years old when she was led to safety after a fire ravaged her South Boston home in 1977. Stanley Foreman, a Pulitzer Prize winning photographer, documented the tragic incident that would forever change Brownlee’s life. Her six-year-old brother and young mother d... [More]

Pay to Spray?

  A fire department’s controversial decision to allow a rural Tennessee home to burn because a family didn’t pay for services has sparked a national debate. On Tuesday, IAFF’s General President Harold Schaitberger condemned the policy of the city of South Fulton in Obion Cou... [More]

Don’t Get Fired for Facebook Part II

Do you remember these do’s and don’ts of how to use Facebook and other social media safely? You can now add these five tips to the list on how not to let what you post online get you into hot water on the job. Social media is a great way to communicate with other people, but you should... [More]

Firehouse Chefs

Think you know your way around a firehouse kitchen? Eddie Sell, a Long Beach, California, paramedic, is creator of Firehouse Chefs, a catering company that is in production on a new reality show. We suspect there a few more firehouse chef entrepreneurs out there with an interesting story to tell, an... [More]

President Schaitberger Visits Members in California

Are you a union member in California and worried about cuts to your pension and how Proposition 22 may affect how you perform your job? We encourage IAFF members living in Santa Barbara, Ventura County and L.A. County to tell General President Harold Schaitberger what’s on your mind. He’... [More]

Care Enough to Wear Pink?

Is your local participating in a pink campaign? Fire fighters across North America are exchanging their regular duty shirts for pink T-shirts to help raise breast cancer awareness. At the 2010 IAFF Convention, delegates passed a resolution for the IAFF to recognize, support and encourage its affilia... [More]

Proud to be part of the IAFF Convention

We received the following message from MSgt Robert Sisk, USAF, regarding the Opening Ceremony this morning for the IAFF 50th Convention:First off, THANK YOU so much for inviting the military to participate in this wonderful event. I can only speak for myself but I for one was very moved, proud ... [More]

Local officials and media answer the call for a day

San Diego city officials and media played fire fighters for a day Saturday, August 21, and got a hands-on feel for what first responders go through every day. This Fire Ops demonstration took place on the grounds of the San Diego Fire Department Training Academy and was hosted by San Diego City Loca... [More]

Surrey Fire Fighters Identify Signs of Human Trafficking

Fire fighters in Canada are expanding the value and service they provide to their communities. Members of Surrey, BC Local 1271 are trained to spot and report signs of human trafficking, a growing problem in Canada - and around the world. This article appeared in Fire Fighting in Canada and online t... [More]

Fire Fighter: Most Stressful Job of 2010

A new study by CareerCast, an Internet job board, ranks fire fighter as the most stressful job of 2010, followed by senior corporate executive, taxi driver, surgeon, commercial pilot, public relations executive, advertising account executive and real estate agent. The study assessed more than 200 pr... [More]

Don't get fired for Facebook

New media and new technology are revolutionizing how we communicate. These tools make sharing information quick and immediate, so make sure that your online activities don't interfere with your job or work activities. Always think about how others in your commmunity, department or local would percei... [More]


An IAFF  member from Kalispell, MT Local 547 is encouraging his brothers and sisters to join IT TAKES FOUR, a new Facebook page to create awareness for the importance of adequate staffing in fire departments across the United States in an effort to educate local and state governments on why pro... [More]

Economic Crisis News Headlines

At the request of several IAFF members, the "Economic Crisis News Headlines" page on the IAFF web site is now only available to IAFF members and requires login. Some municipalities have discovered the ease of getting examples, printing them and using the information during meetings to gain consessio... [More]

For the Record: Collective Bargaining Won't Bankrupt Cities

12th District Vice President Larry Osborne shared this op-ed in the Charlotte Observer by Tom Brewer, vice president of Charlotte, NC Local 660, in support of our collective bargaining bill, soon to be taken up in the Senate. He makes a convincing argument for why this bill needs to be passed, prese... [More]

Good News From Long Beach

Rich Brandt, president of Long Beach, CA Local 372, knows what it's like to be laid off. After leaving New York for the West Coast and a job with the Westminster Fire Department, he was laid off in 1993 during the economic downturn. Now a fire fighter with the Long Beach Fire Department, he sees the... [More]

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