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Update: Missouri Right to Work

Right to Work should be called the ‘right to divide’ as legislation continues to be pushed in Missouri. The Missouri House of Representatives agreed upon language and are now waiting on a handful of lawmakers to bring it to a final vote. If both the House and Senate approve a Right to ... [More]

The Buying and Reselling of America

The American Legislative Exchange Council is at it again.  Late last week, the shadowy organization released its annual publication “Rich States Poor States” billed as a way to “identify the states that have policies that can lead a state to economic prosperity and those that ... [More]

Unions singled out in TN

The anti-union rhetoric is in full effect in Tennessee during this legislative session, and IAFF members have fought to keep harmful legislation at bay that threatens their First Amendment rights. Opponents of labor unions introduced a bill that would have made it a misdemeanor to “mass picke... [More]

Christie puts retiree earnings in the hands of supporters

We’ve all heard of the Bridge Gate scandal in New Jersey where top Chris Christie staffers closed the George Washington Bridge in alleged political retaliation from the governor. But more attention should be focused on a scandal that’s hurting New Jersey retirees’ pensions. We all... [More]

Protect Your Cities and Towns

As companies continue to flee the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), the shadowy organization is searching for new sources of revenue. According to this Guardian report, ALEC plans to target city and local governments for potential new revenue streams in efforts to replicate its influenc... [More]

Update: Right to Work Stopped in Oregon

Right to Work efforts have been dropped in Oregon after the state’s governor announced plans for tax reform. Anti-union forces targeted Oregon in hopes of getting a ballot initiative before voters in November. Anti-union groups pushed a measure called “The Public Employees Choice Act&r... [More]

Watch Your Cable Dollars!

If you are a Comcast or Time Warner subscriber then you should be aware of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). Comcast and Time Warner are funders of ALEC, a Washington, DC-based politically ultra-conservative non-profit that thrives on operating in the shadows of American government ... [More]

How Money is Shaping Politics and Your Rights

If you’ve been following the Koch Brothers and their attempts to push legislation that is harmful to workers and their wages, you may know they are not alone in their efforts to shape politics and policies in their own best interests to the detriment of public workers. The biggest political f... [More]

Burn Awareness Week

We hope our locals are marking Burn Awareness Week by performing community outreach and education on how injuries can be prevented. Over 500,000 people in the United States and Canada receive medical treatment for burn injuries each year. Most burns occur in the home usually in the kitchen or bath... [More]

Fire Fighters as Crime Fighters

As city budgets become more strained, fire fighters are being asked to perform more responsibilities beyond their job description including deterring crime in communities.Washington, DC Mayor Vincent Gray recently asked fire fighters to combat crime in the Trinidad neighborhood in Northeast after a ... [More]

The Push for Right to Work in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania joins a growing list of states the Koch Brothers are targeting in efforts to wipe out public employee unions and wages. The billionaire brothers – Charles and David – are pouring money into organizations that are putting pressure on lawmakers to pass legislation, including ... [More]

Supporters of Right to Work admit law will lower wages

It is no secret that passing Right to Work legislation is a top priority for the Missouri House of Representatives this year. Right to Work weakens the wages of workers in states. We’ve known all along the true intentions of Right to Work, but lately the opposition’s been bold in admitti... [More]

The Right to Work for Less

We’re barely into the New Year and opponents of organized labor are up to the same old tricks. Last week, we told you about efforts to bring Right to Work legislation to Oregon. Now, efforts are underway in Missouri, with Right to Work the first bill being considered for 2014 in the “Sh... [More]

What’s the Career Outlook for Fire Fighters?

According to the Department of Labor, employment of fire fighters is projected to grow 7 percent from 2012 to 2022. While slower than the average for all occupations, the aging of the population will lead to an increased demand for emergency responders as the elderly tend to use more emergency medic... [More]

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