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Update on State Attacks

Peggy Shorey, director of state government relations and deputy director of government affairs at the AFL-CIO, says attacks on labor aren’t as vicious as they were two years ago. But make no mistake about it, the opponents of labor are still out to gut the rights of workers and their wages. S... [More]

2013 IAFF Legislative Conference

  Day Three IAFF Goes to Capitol Hill IAFF members set off to meet lawmakers on Capitol Hill Wednesday. Nearly 700 members from across the country are in Washington, DC to discuss the challenges that first responders face each day. Many IAFF affiliates are concerned about the sequestr... [More]

Controlling the Media Landscape

We are keeping an eye on our political opponents and wanted to share an update with you on the business dealings of the Koch brothers. The billionaire Koch brothers who tried to buy the 2012 presidential elections to help further anti-worker legislation are reportedly trying to acquire assets of th... [More]

What Makes a Winning IAFF Media Awards Contest Entry?

Each year, IAFF affiliates throughout the United States and Canada submit entries in the IAFF Media Awards Contest, hoping to win a first, second or honorable mention award. While all are grateful for the plaques and monetary prizes, most affiliates enter the contest as a public show of appreciation... [More]

ALEC Up to its Old Tricks

A new report finds the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is involved in widespread efforts to weaken wages and workplace standards designed to protect the economic security of workers.The National Employment Law Project (NELP), an organization that promotes job growth and local, state and... [More]

Connecting Our Members Through Social Media

The IAFF social media network connects IAFF members to important news and trends happening in the fire service every day.When Detroit fire fighters were ordered off hydraulic ladders on the department’s fleet of aerial trucks because the fleet had not been inspected in years – our Facebo... [More]

How Unions Help Support America

Because many fire fighters – or their families - have been affected by cancer, it’s been an important issue for IAFF members who raise awareness and dollars in support of women in their fight against breast and other cancers. Over the last several years growing numbers of IAFF affiliates... [More]

Fire Service Funding Cuts on Horizon

Funding for Assistance to Firefighters Grant (FIRE Act) and Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response (SAFER) grant programs could suffer if Congress fails to avoid the automatic spending cuts set to take effect on March 1. The cuts would be implemented as across-the-board percentage redu... [More]

Stay Vigilant Against Attacks to Labor

The recent defeat of Right-to-Work legislation in New Hampshire was a big victory for workers and labor unions. But the IAFF and its affiliates must stay on guard against those who want to wipe labor unions off the map. Already, Right-to-Work legislation has cropped up this year in several states, ... [More]

Love, Union Style

Love is in the air and if you haven’t gotten your honey something special for Valentine’s Day, there’s still time to pick up a treat while supporting American-made and union-made products and services this Valentine’s Day. Try these union-made goodies:Russell StoverGhirardel... [More]

Anti-Union forces at work during Super Bowl

Opponents who want to attack the rights of workers aired this dud of an advertisement before the Super Bowl about restricting union power. The anti-card check commercial aired in the Washington, DC market. The narrator says in the 30 second spot:“Today union lobbyists are demanding that most... [More]

Fighting Chimney Fires

February is the coldest month of the year, and IAFF members may find they are battling more chimney fires as home owners try to stay warm in the freezing temperatures. Here are some tips to share with your communities on how to keep safe when using fireplaces this winter.Many times, homeowners aren... [More]

Detroit Fire Fighters Want City Leaders to Sing New Tune

Public safety continues to be at risk in Detroit as long as leaders continue to avoid finding long-term solutions to the city’s mounting problems. “Detroit fire fighters face tremendous challenges each day and keep on providing the best protection as possible. We are handicapped when ou... [More]

18 Tips on How to Beat a Media Crisis

Does your local have a crisis communication plan? Many IAFF affiliates say they don’t. An effective crisis communication plan puts you in control of what may be a volatile and confusing situation. When faced with a crisis that’s either self-inflicted or is due to external forces, it&rsq... [More]

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