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Taking care of yourself while caring for others

Fire fighters and emergency medical personnel are in the business of caring for others and often neglect their own health and safety. This EMS1.com video discusses why first responders should play a more active role in taking care of their health. Nutrition and fitness are essential, and the IAFF h... [More]

Are You Prepared to Survive a MAYDAY?

As lawmakers continue to slash fire department budgets our members are feeling the effects in reductions in training and staffing. Under trained and under staffed fire departments place our members at an increased risk with every response. Data compiled by the United States Fire Administration show... [More]

Are You Staying Fit To Survive?

June is Men’s Health Month and this week has been declared Men’s Health week. The purpose of Men’s Health Week is to heighten the awareness of preventable health problems and encourage early detection and treatment of disease among men.The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA... [More]

Fire Tips to Keep Home Owners Safe this Winter

A fierce winter storm is sweeping the U.S., and fire fighters have a good opportunity to remind their communities of how to keep their homes safe during this cold season. In cities like Chicago, twenty inches of snow has accumulated within the past 24 hours. While residents concentrate on clearing ... [More]

Protecting Yourself from Cold Stress Injuries

Fire fighters already have a tough time battling fires, but adding freezing temperatures, wind, and ice can make the job even tougher. So, the next time you find yourself working in frigid temps just remember the acronym COLD. * Keep it Clean—The dirtier clothing is, the less it will protect... [More]

No Fire Fighter Stands Alone

Suicide. The very mention of the word creates uneasiness. The stigma and tragedy associated with suicide makes it one of those events that we hope never happens. And one we don’t talk about. Seeing an increase over the last few years in member suicides and suicidal behavior, we knew we had to ... [More]

Fire fighter shares his life-changing story

At 41, fire fighter Pat Burns thought he was too young to have a heart attack.  But the Flagstaff, Arizona fire fighter was wrong.  While on a jog with his wife, Burns struggled with stomach pains, nausea and eventually his breathing. He had suffered a full-blown heart attack while on va... [More]

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