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Answering the Call for Change

It has come to the IAFF’s attention that several bills are now appearing in state legislatures relating to the Mobile Integrated Healthcare (Community Paramedic) and EMS.  Some provisions in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) set up opportunities for EMS providers to participate in delivering ... [More]

PSOs: Not Worth the Costs

Combining the roles of fire fighters and police officers undermines public safety. Today, when faced with the pressure to decrease budgets, municipal decision makers may be more easily tempted by the argument that consolidation can cut costs, even if that argument is unfounded. At this year’s... [More]

Carbon Monoxide: EMS Response to Fireground Incidents

Carbon monoxide exposure puts fire fighters at significant risk at the scene of a fire. Even mild carbon monoxide exposure can cause mental confusion – which can lead to poor decision making, putting both the exposed fire fighter and others at the fire scene at risk. Carbon Monoxide: EMS Resp... [More]

Violence Against Fire Fighters

No longer do fire fighters and paramedics just have to be concerned with the inherent dangers of fighting fires, mitigating hazardous materials incidents, and exposures encountered during EMS responses. Now more than ever, being assaulted while serving others is a real threat. Fire fighters and Pa... [More]

The Latest Threat

Fire fighters across the U.S. are under political assault. And the attacks are coming fast and furious. While the likes of Govs. Walker, Kasich, Christie, Snyder and Scott are grabbing the headlines for taking away your right to collective bargaining and smashing your pension plans, there’s a... [More]

You Won’t Believe This

All month long, the Frontline Blog has warned IAFF affiliates to be skeptical of data compiled by ICMA-based consultant Leonard Matarese encouraging the merger of fire and police services. Now, you’ll understand why after you listen to this audio recording that the IAFF has obtained of a 200... [More]

Your Next Enemy

Saginaw, Michigan Local 102 is pushing back on a consultant’s report to merge fire and police services. DC-based consultant Leonard Matarese, a former cop and Director of Research and Public Safety Programs at the  International City/County Management Association, told Saginaw city leade... [More]

The Point of No Return

Can Camden, New Jersey get any more dangerous? That’s a question that city fire fighters don’t want to answer. Camden fire fighters and members of the City Council are in a tug of war over salaries and benefits. Mayor Dana Redd says she must close a $26.5 million budget gap and needs ... [More]

The Silent Killer

Carbon monoxide poisoning is known as the silent killer. You can’t see it or smell it. However, it is the number-one cause of poisoning deaths in the world. Fire fighters and paramedics are at risk of exposure to carbon monoxide poisoning every day. That’s why the IAFF and the Interna... [More]

States Take on Public Pensions

As threats to fire fighter pensions continue, it’s not just local pension plans that are threatened. State legislators are beginning to challenge one of the ironclad tenets of public pension policy… the tenet that says states cannot legally reduce pension benefits for current and future... [More]

Surviving the Recession

 We are constantly seeing attacks on pensions, fire department resources, pay, benefits… at the same time we’re seeing more and more jurisdictions exploring cost-sharing and consolidation of services.  Keep your eyes out and let us know what you’re experiencing.  

Media Misreporting Public v. Private Compensation

With municipalities continuing to attack fire department budgets, and your pay and benefits, is your local paper inaccurately reporting how rich state and local workers are these days? Here’s a little help shining a bright light on that kind of shoddy reporting. This study by the National Ins... [More]

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