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Saving money by changing your shifts

As city leaders continue to grapple with how to balance budgets, a few are eyeing changes to fire fighters’ schedules as a way to make up revenue. In Pennsylvania, it has been reported that two mayors – in Harrisburg and Lancaster – are considering shifting schedules where fire fi... [More]

Social Security

An IAFF member from Dexter, MI Local 4090 wrote us looking for some help from other IAFF brothers and sisters. He says his community wants to stop paying their Social Security and is asking if any other affiliates have faced this issue. IAFF members should be aware that, since 1983, if municipalitie... [More]

Pensions Under Attack

We are in an era that may well be remembered for the most serious assaults on public pensions in the nation’s history. Every day, we see news headlines taking aim at public employee pensions, calling these plans grossly generous and accusing unions of plundering state coffers. But we know that... [More]

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