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Stopping Children From Playing With Fire

An eighth grade girl set fire in a school bathroom while students took part in testing in Lexington Park, Maryland. Five Sacramento, CA juveniles set fire to an elementary school.  At least two juveniles set fire to two homes in Springfield, IL. A New York City, NY first responder died recent... [More]

International Code Council Publishes the Public Comment Agenda

The International Association of Fire Fighters is currently participating in the establishment of the 2015 Editions of the International Residential Code and the International Fire Code. It is important for the IAFF to remain an active participant on how the codes are created and maintained because... [More]

What You Should Know About Fire Fighters and Cancer

Fire fighters are not only at risk when they respond to a fire or medical emergency, but cancer is threatening their well- being in alarming numbers.Cancer rates run statistically higher for fire fighters compared to the general North American population.The IAFF is deeply concerned and committed ab... [More]

Coping with Suicide

First responders have a tough job.  They put their lives on the line to save others and have to respond quickly to dangerous situations daily. Suicide calls and the aftermath are some of the toughest incidents for first responders.  Each year, more than 36,000 Americans take their own liv... [More]

How to Protect Yourself from Heat-Related Injuries

It’s July and many parts of the country are facing the warmest temperatures of the summer. Working in the heat is especially challenging for fire fighters this time of year because their gear prevents them from cooling down. A fire fighters core body heat can rise above 106 degrees.Heat stres... [More]

ICC Group B Committee Hearing Results

The International Code Council's has released the results of the Group B Committee Hearing. All results are open for Public Comment and the deadline for submissions in July 15, 2013. Members are encouraged to review the results of the Committee Actions. Codes that are contained in the Group B Cycle ... [More]

IFC Hearing Update: Drafting Codes to Keep Fire Fighters Safe

A number of additional proposals in the Residential Code concerned the IAFF including our proposal attempting to have a non-combustible covering between foam insulation and the exterior covering. The proposal was intended to require a ten foot set back from the property line if there was no barrier.... [More]

What You Should Know About Building Codes

The IAFF has continued its involvement in the current ICC code hearings in Dallas. The last three days included testimony and debate on a number of issues in the International Fire Code and the International Residential Code. It is important for fire fighters to be involved in the process because t... [More]

Update from Fire Code Hearing

The International Fire Code Hearing is in full swing, the committee has to consider over 400 code change proposals to the Fire Code. In these last two days fire service representatives, and IAFF members, have testified on behalf of the impact to fire fighter safety on many of these issues. During t... [More]

Day One: Fire Code Hearings

The IAFF has a representative attending the International Code Council's Committee Action Hearings. On Saturday and Sunday the Fire Service Membership Council met for a two day workshop. Issues discussed including training, education, service and the ICC Evaluation Services. The Evaluation Services ... [More]

17th Annual International Burn Camp

Burn Camp Participants Arriving to Washington, D.C. Many, Many Thanks for Wonderful Memories Our family would like to thank you for giving DJ just an amazing experience. He keeps coming out with different stories about what they did and it sounded wonderful. I know that mere words... [More]

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