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Redmond / Barbera Agenda and Speaker Abstracts!!!

Our John P. Redmond Symposium is now ten days away, and this year it is being held in conjunction with the IAFF’s Dominick F. Barbera EMS Conference.   If you haven’t made your reservations or unsure what this year’s Symposium and Conference will offer, we are providing the&... [More]

9/11 and the Cancer Report!

  By now, many have heard about or read the recent release of the report, Periodic Review of Scientific and Medical Evidence Related to Cancer for the WTC Health Program.  The Public Health Service Act, which codified the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act of 2010, requires th... [More]

Maine City Debates Home Sprinkler Mandate

Maine’s fourth-largest city is debating whether sprinkler systems should be installed inside new residences.  The controversial issue will be reviewed soon by the South Portland City Council. And it comes as no surprise that local home builders and real estate agents are adamantly opposin... [More]

Beating the Heat

As much of the country tries to seek relief from triple digit temperatures, the heat throughout the United States and Canada, is especially challenging for fire fighters this time of year.  Several media reports this week have reported the plight of fire fighters.  In Tulsa, fire fighters ... [More]

US Government Adds to Carcinogen List

After years of lobbying by the chemical industry (see: Truthout and NYTimes articles), the US Department of Health and Human Services, through the National Toxicology Program, has added 8 new substances and agents to its list of known carcinogens.  The Report on Carcinogens ... [More]

NIOSH Seeks Comments on IOM Report

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health’s (NIOSH) National Personal Protective Technology Laboratory (NPPTL) has announced the availability of the Personal Protective Technologies (PPT) Conformity Assessment Docket, NIOSH Docket 237, and solicits input from interested parties... [More]

IAFF Update from Joplin, Missouri

Many IAFF members have expressed concern about the members of Joplin, Missouri Local 2618. Fire fighters are being assisted by District Vice President Mark Woolbright, Missouri State Council of Fire Fighters President Tony Kelley and IAFF members throughout the IAFF’s 2nd District. Joplin Loca... [More]

Be Vigilant -- Be Safe!!!

Three major train accidents occurred over the past two weeks across the United States.   The first accident occurred in the NY/NJ Path subway system when a train crashed into the bumper at the end of the station in Hoboken, N.J.; injuring 34 passengers.  In the second incident, an emp... [More]

Safe Jobs Save Lives. Our Work’s Not Done.

Today, April 28th, we honor all US and Canadian workers who have been killed or seriously injured on the job.  Vigils will be held to honor workers as we continue to make the workplace safer.   This is the 22nd Annual Worker’s Memorial Day, a date chosen since it is the anniversary... [More]

Everything Done Right in Toronto Mayday

Working with Toronto Local 3888 and our Canadian Office, we have been following a six-alarm fire in Toronto on January 3 that demonstrated that the Fire Ground Survival (FGS) training programs clearly work and saved the lives of two of our Local 3888 members. If these crews did not have th... [More]

Don’t Let Your College Student Die In A Fire

This time of year parents are often giving their kids advice on how to stay safe on campus, but oftentimes the discussion excludes fire safety.  Over the last ten years, 71 students died in fires in dormitories or off-campus housing.  One of the biggest challenges with fire safety in a col... [More]

Infectious Diseases

A new antibiotic-resistant germ that apparently has its origins in India and Pakistan has sickened a handful of people in North America, with three of the cases reported in the United States.   The bacterium -- designated New Delhi metallo-beta-lactamase NDM-1 -- produces an enzyme that makes... [More]

Fire Fighter Respiratory Disease

Respiratory diseases remain a significant health issue for fire fighters and emergency responders.  It is the number three killer in North America, exceeded by heart disease and cancer.  While heart disease and cancer in the fire service have received the attention, rightfully so; respirat... [More]

California Study: Staffing Affects Efficiency

Wow! This is an extremely well done study. Not only does it address efficiency (similar to the wildland hose lay study the IAFF and Los Angeles County did for NFPA 10 years ago), but it establishes the physiological stress issues very clearly by crew size with very significant peak heart rates for a... [More]

The Charleston Nine

The third anniversary of the Charleston tragedy is today.  Please take a moment to remember the nine fire fighters that gave their lives on that evening -- Brad Baity, Mike Benke, Melven Champaign, Earl Drayton, Billy Hutchinson, Mark Kelsey, Michael French, Louis Mulkey, and Brandon Thompson &... [More]

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