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An Appalling Argument

David Wood of Politics Daily wrote the other day:

The military draft once chose young Americans for war. Now the Army attracts them with generous pay and benefits.  

You can guess where Wood goes next:

But the heavy cost may be unsustainable.

Wood ignores the extreme waste in the Pentagon, which is the real issue, to make his point that paying our soldiers just enough to live a middle class life is "unsustainable." But the truth is that paying them less would be unconscionable.

Just like the attacks on fire fighter pay and benefits, this is a sad development. 

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  • Dave Haggerty L2928

    5/7/2010 9:59:40 PM |

    I did 30 years in the fire dept. Another 2 years with the FL Div of Forestry. I served 4 years in the Navy in the Viet Nam Era. There was a period in the FD when my Chief told me to back off with my military stuff on the guys because nobody understood since there was no longer a mandated military and nobody understood me. Now with these times we have FF's serving our military all over the world. I support their efforts and want all of them to be well paid for their service to our country and hope they all come home safe and return to their firefighting jobs with no break in service tenure and their pensions and benefits in tact.

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