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Experts predicting City win on search of public employee's text messages

The Supreme Court heard oral argument on City of Ontario v. Quon, a case before the Supreme Court out of the Ninth Circuit that we reported on last month.  The transcript of the oral argument is available here.  A decision will come this summer.

Now, following oral argument, observers are predicting that the City will win.  If that is the outcome, it will be another step in the increasing shift away from public employee protections from searches by their employers.  We'll continue to keep an eye on the case.

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  • Kenneth Rogers L0718

    5/15/2010 8:01:34 PM |

    So, tell me why do we keep supporting the Democrats when most of your Governors and mayors trying to cripple Firefighters unions are Democrats? At least a Republican is going to tell you up front where he stands. Gov. Rendell of Penn. hated his Fire dept. when he was Mayor, Menino, Boston and on and on. We must wake up and spport the person for us, or at least up front with us, no matter which party.   "GOD BLESS

  • Baldwin Robertson O0001

    5/17/2010 10:50:05 AM |

    The IAFF supports many Republican candidates – if they are for fire fighters, we are for them.  Right now, a lot of politicians on both sides are trying to balance their budgets on the backs of fire fighters and other public employees – and I don’t see an advantage when any politician is “up front” about it.  That just means he/she is bragging to the public about attacking fire fighters.

  • Baldwin Robertson O0001

    5/18/2010 10:04:34 AM |

    As if on cue to Brother Rogers, Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle, a Democrat, just signed legislation of genuine value to fire fighters and IAFF locals.  SB 520 requires  municipalities to pay health insurance premiums for the families of firefighters who die, or have died, in the line of duty.  He also signed a presumptive health bill for fire fighters on cancer, heart disease, or respiratory impairments.  He also signed a bill making it an unfair labor practice for a public employer to spend money to discourage forming or joining a union, or to hire contract with any entity (like a union-busting consultant) to do the same.

    Like I said, if you're for us, we're for you.

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