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Care Enough to Wear Pink?

Is your local participating in a pink campaign? Fire fighters across North America are exchanging their regular duty shirts for pink T-shirts to help raise breast cancer awareness. At the 2010 IAFF Convention, delegates passed a resolution for the IAFF to recognize, support and encourage its affiliates to participate in campaigns to honor women fighter cancer. Specifically, the resolution recommends IAFF locals create union-made pink duty shirts to wear on duty in October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The resolution further encourages affiliates to donate 50 percent of the funds raised to women's cancer organizations, and to use the remaining funds for fire fighters and their families engaged in their own battles with cancer. Tell us about your pink campaign -- email pr@iaff.org with photos and information. The September-October issue of the International Fire Fighter will feature affiliates participating in breast cancer awareness events.





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  • Doug Boczek

    9/22/2010 3:03:54 PM |

    Local 738 in Mt. Vernon will be wearing pink for the month of October as well as selling pink shirts of our own design to raise money for breast cancer charities. We're sponsoring a "Turn Mt. Vernon Pink" day where we hope everyone will wear our pink shirts!

    I'll post pics when we get some.

  • Charles Garcia

    9/28/2010 1:03:27 AM |

    Oakland Firefighters Local 55 will be wearing PINK during the month of October.

  • matt feeley

    9/29/2010 7:18:59 PM |

    South Placer's finest L3809 will be wearing pink for the month of October.   Watch for photos to come and checkout heroeswearpink.com for info.

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