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Washington Post Does a Hatchet Job on Public Employee Pensions

The latest fumble by the Fourth Estate in its attempt to write about public employee pensions can be found in Wednesday’s Washington Post. There are a lot of things wrong with the story. It’s terribly one-sided. It includes too few voices from labor. But one of the biggest problems with story is that the reporter failed to adequately address that cities and states find themselves in hot water because they took pension payment holidays. In so many instances, cities and states are responsible for the pension problems they face because of the payment holidays, but the reporter devotes just one sentence to that fact.

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  • Dan Dugan

    10/9/2010 10:36:43 AM |

    Sadly this is nothing new for the Washington Post, for a so called "liberal" news paper they have a long history of being anti-labor.
    Here in DC our pension plan is 104% funded and we are under constant threat of reductions to our benefits, even after the Firefighters and Police did the heavy lifting to get Congress to fully fund the plan that they had left sorely underfunded when they turned it over to the City.
    Yet it is so rare that there are ever any articles on CEO's and there incredible benefits, that are stolen from there workers. The Forbes 400 increased there wealth by $1.6 trillion this past year, did they do anything for there workers or invest to create new jobs, HELL NO. Their sitting on record amounts of cash. Because of them the enconomy continues to flounder, if they won't do the right thing, then tax the hell out of them and redistribute the wealth where it will do the most good for all. So that everyone has a good job and a fully funded pension. Every society that has distributed the wealth into the top few has failed and we are steadly marching in that same direction.

  • okgreene

    10/10/2010 2:53:32 PM |

    Yeah, let's go Communist. Is this the new Democratic Party mantra, because if it is I want off.

  • Dan Givens (Miami Association Of Fire Fighters)

    10/17/2010 11:15:27 AM |

    Brothers and Sisters,
    Consistent, factual, and on-point information is the only way we will get the right and helpful message across.  The media currently has the economy, taxes, 401(k) destruction, and pension envy creating "The Perfect Storm".  Wall Street and the League of Cities are using this to their advantage.  The IAFF has our membership in Local, State & National, well respected Pension organizations.  It is in our collective best interest to review the published data specific to your personal and local situation prior to responding to on-line & publicly published documents.  There are good and bad storys out there, and reasons why!  Google NCPERS and read up or call NCPERS prior to responding to "media bait" on pension issues.  Now more than ever we need to stay together, be smart, and use the muscle in our money to fight back.

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