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NIST Report Points to Lack of Sprinklers in 2007 Sofa Super Store Fire

A new report issued by the National Institute of Standards and Technology singled out the absence of sprinklers at the Sofa Super Store as a major factor contributing to the deaths of nine Charleston (SC) fire fighters in the June 2007 fire.

The full NIST report is here.

The Charleston Post and Courier, which has done a god job covering the tragedy since the day it happened, has a comprehensive story on the new report here.

In a release, the IAFF underscores that NIST also believes staffing shortages and a lack of deployed resources also were responsible for the deadly outcome.

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  • Joe Nichols (Idaho Falls)

    11/7/2010 11:55:42 PM |

    A member of our department recently conducted an informal e-mail survey of firefighters opinions on home sprinkler systems. Not surprisingly; the respondents were overwhelmingly against sprinklers. These guys live for big fires, they don't want sprinklers controlling them and ruining their chance to be "heroes", and some are afraid of being put out of a job by automatic suppression systems. The NIST report doesn't have a snowball's chance of changing these guys minds about fire code enforcement.

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