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Will They Come Back?

Detroit Mayor Dave Bing continues his efforts to get more fire fighters and police officers to move back in the city.

The mayor plans to announce in the New Year that he has lured a significant number of public safety officers to live in Detroit neighborhoods. The city is offering incentives for the fire fighters and police officers to reside in nearly 500 vacant homes.

The Michigan legislature repealed residency requirements a decade ago. According to the Detroit News, about 53 percent of police officers and 60 percent of fire fighters live outside the city.

What’s your opinion on residency requirements?


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  • Brian Smith (Reading)

    12/15/2010 10:34:27 PM |

    I currently do live in the city, but only since last year when I got married and moved into my wife's home. It would have been nice to have been able to live here for the majority of my career because of the cost of living elsewhere.

    However, I believe we should have the right to live where we want, within reason of course.

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