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Is This a Good Idea to Save the Fire Department Money? (survey)

The Memphis Fire Department is considering using smaller alternate response vehicles to respond to emergency medical calls, but some fire fighters aren’t convinced it’s such a good idea.

Last week, the IAFF posted this story on our social networks which generated strong reactions from you.

Commenter #1:  “That’s dumb then if there is a fire they have to go back and get the rig. Wasting more time. Get real.”
Commenter #2: “Stupid! If you going to hire more men and put them in the SUV’s then just by ambulance and transport! Stupid idea! If you’re not hiring extra manning then it is useless, keep the man power on the rig and respond with the apparatus!”

Officials from the Memphis Fire Department say the smaller vehicles will help save on fuel and maintenance costs without affecting response times.

Members of Local 1784 aren’t convinced.

Union member Robert Kramer tells the Commercial Appeal, “We don’t believe it’s going to save money, and it will endanger the public. We feel like it will jeopardize our safety as fire fighters and impact the safety of citizens.”

Officials are interested in purchasing a pick up truck with a utility bed on the back, said Larry Anthony, president of Local 1784.

Anthony tells the Frontline the Local's main concern is the safety of fire fighters and the citizens of Memphis.

"We will not stand by silent if either concern is not addressed," he said.

Do you think the alternate response vehicles will help make the fire department more efficient? Are some of your fire districts using them? Take our survey here.


Comments (4) -

  • Erik Simonson (Duluth)

    1/11/2011 9:24:24 PM |

    We fought this very initiative in my own local about a year ago. Another spectacular idea from management. Could it save a few dollars in fuel or maintenance? Sure, probably will. But at what expense? Response times? Firefighter safety? Public safety?

    Fire companies are fire companies - always. Firefighters are of little value without their apparatus, and apparatus are of little value sitting in the station while the personnel are out driving around! Imagine how it will be when you are returning from a medical call - and have to drive by a fire to go get your fire engine. Or worse, if you have to stop and try to mitigate the situation without the proper equipment!

    Stick your ground - this is ridiculous.

  • Larry Anthony (Memphis)

    1/13/2011 9:59:13 PM |

    The Director made a profound statement before the meeting was to close. I'm sure most of you have never heard a statement like this one, "there are no safety issue using this vehicle". As the second meeting was closing Kramer passed out the statements from those that were involved in the pilot project. His only comment was here are 22 statements from the FF involved and 17 out of 22 have safety concerns. When that was said the Deputy Director stood up and in aloud angry voice said he is making false statements that's not true. He then leaned across the table and pointed his finger at me and said you better get him out of here he is lying I said get him out of here. This surprised me since I don't work for him, don't take orders from him on top of that I don't like fingers pointed at me. He was told I got this. I turned and he got deeper and deeper by telling Kramer I will deal with you later. You guessed it that is against the law in the State of Tennessee. He has been put on notice that this conduct will not be tolerated. I remember years ago how we were talked to,like a dog,how we were disrespected. As long as I have a say not one member of Local 1784 will ever be treated, disrespected or talked to like that. This is one of the reasons why we are the International Association of Fire Fighters.  STAND TALL-STAY STRONG.  

  • Bruce Rice (Narragansett)

    1/28/2011 5:56:43 PM |

    There is going to be a lot of pro and con over an issue like this. But these are difficult times and if members are going fight Administrators on issues like this, the next thing will be layoffs, there has to be a way to save money, the taxpayer demands it.

  • John Piretti (Newburyport)

    1/29/2011 10:41:01 AM |

    If additional dedicated personnel are added great idea. But unfortunately  commonsense usually does not arrive, as quickly as cost saving measures.
    We were lucky we made our case and this policy was never implemented, our elected officials recognized the potential impact.
    Stand your ground our only resources are educating and advocating our position, to the policy makers, to protect those we serve and our members.

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