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The Next Fight

Ohio has positioned itself as the next battleground state over workers fighting for collective bargaining rights.

Thousands of protesters gathered at the State Capitol in Columbus Tuesday to protest the S.B 5 legislation that would effectively eliminate collective bargaining rights for state workers and restrict rights for local government workers.

Tuesday marked the first reading of the bill. However, many public employees found themselves “out in the cold”. Several reports say authorities locked the doors to the statehouse as workers tried to enter claiming safety concerns.

The Ohio Association of Professional Fire fighters rallied fire fighters to arrive at the statehouse to help oppose the bill.


Local 336 tweeted “Kill the bill! No SB 5!” In addition, Local 336 helped to circulate a petition on Twitter called the Stop the Anti-Collective Bargaining Job Killing Bill in Ohio.

Local 2818 tweeted pictures of busloads of fire fighters from Cleveland making their way to the State Capitol.


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  • Craig Russell (Crowley)

    2/28/2011 3:40:22 PM |

    Pay attention Firemen. Watch the red colored signs of communists and socialists. These people are violent when they do not get their way. A healthy protest is great. It's American. It's another when someone with a Cuba tee on and a sign depicting a sythe and hammer are amongst you. Separate yourselves from them because I for one will not side with em. When they say they want violence they mean it.

  • Craig Russell (Crowley)

    3/6/2011 7:56:10 AM |

    Democracy is a mob rule. It doesn't work. France has had a change in gov't 15 times sine the ratification of our constitution.We are a Republic.
      Locking the door is probably a good thing. Since people started to trash the place and play their drums all over the place. Watch the other hand.

  • Craig Russell (Crowley)

    3/6/2011 12:18:01 PM |

    Solidarity? AFL-CIO funds cop haters
    Friday, Mar 4, 2011 at 2:35 PM EST

    Glenn dedicated a whole show last night to showing the attitude of distrust being bred against police officers by a variety of leftist groups. On radio today, he talked more about the anti-cop curriculum being developed in New York State and funded by the AFL/CIO and some of the other proponents of an anti-police attitude.

    “This isn’t just a little thing that you need to make sure you know about. This attitude of distrusting police cost lives. It cost lives. People teach their children. They get this in their head that the police are against them, that they should be running away from them, treat them disrespectfully and all this stuff, and every time all of these terrible stories happen where someone innocent gets shot or a minor fraction, something happened with the cops, it’s because they’ve been taught their entire lives that the cops are against them. Why would we want to beat that into kids’ heads? It’s terrible,” Stu said.

    And what is in this new curriculum?

    “Here’s a part of this curriculum that the AFL/CIO through the NYSUT has published and put in schools for every schoolchild in New York state, AFL/CIO, gang. It is a whole book that has, you know, holds up Desmond TuTu and all kinds of heros who have spoken out in the face of power and then you have Van Jones, and one of the study things that they ask their kids to read is about Van Jones and it’s lessons from a killing, changing news coverage of police brutality in San Francisco by Van Jones. I’m going to read a little bit, ‘In the fall of ’96, San Francisco police review commission held hearings on the death of Aaron Williams, an African-American man suspected of a $50 pet store burglary that died in police custody. According to witnesses and police sources, a team of police led by Officer Mack repeatedly kicked Williams in the head and emptied three caps of pepper spray. Despite he was having trouble breathing, the police left him hog tied and gagged in the back of a police van where he died.’  I don’t know this story. But if this story happened the way Van Jones is describing it, it’s bad,” Glenn said.

    “Those police officers should have been prosecuted if it happened the way Van Jones, but that’s a huge, huge if. [Jones said] ‘My organization, Ella Baker Center of human rights for police watch followed this for two years.’  He goes on to talk about what the news report did and blah, blah what and teaching your kid how to organize and get into the news and change opinions in the news,” Glenn said.

    Glenn then adressed the cops who were being asked to stand in solidarity with people who are instituting this new curriculum. “I understand the idea of standing with people that disagree with you. There’s no problem with that. But not on major issues. Especially major issues concerning your job.”

    Glenn explained more about why police officers should be wary of standing with groups and movements organized by radicals on TV last night. Watch the video below for more from TV:

    Glenn continued on radio, “This curriculum has good things in it. However, you get to Van Jones where they urge kids to find out about Van Jones. I have been urging the press to find out about Van Jones for some time. He’s harmless. Sure, he’s a communist radical. Don’t worry about it. Don’t worry about it. He called for violent revolution and then when he shut down his organization STORM, it’s because he realized he couldn’t convince enough people with the language of Marxism to be able to go for a violent revolution. So they had to change from things like Cop Watch to the Ella Baker Center. They changed the radical pose for the radical ends because they knew they could scoop in a bunch of people.”

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