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Michigan City Decides to Layoff Fire Department

Allen Park, Michigan is proposing to lay off its entire fire department by June citing budgetary concerns, even though fire fighters have agreed to nearly $1 million in concessions. However, some Allen Park residents question if the dismissal of fire fighters is a thinly disguised attempt at union busting.

The city says it needs to close a $600,000 budget gap for the current fiscal year. Layoff notices have been sent to the 25-person fire department, including the fire chief.

City officials have not announced any new plans for the delivery of fire service protection in Allen Park.

The Detroit News reports that last fall, that members of Local 1410 gave $800,000 in concessions that included overtime limits and eliminating pay raises for promotions.

IAFF members criticized the city’s decision on our social networks Wednesday describing the situation as “deplorable” and “criminal.”

Tell us your thoughts on the situation. Do you think this another way to break unions?


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  • Jesse Fisher (Oshkosh)

    2/24/2011 2:25:25 PM |

    UNBELIEVABLE. This is a blatant disregard for the lives of the citizens of Allen Park. Stand strong Brothers/Sisters.

  • Ronald Rompala (Pittsburgh)

    2/24/2011 5:52:40 PM |

    Not surprising, as we experienced the exact same thing with Uniontown, PA during the IAFF Convention last summer. I don't think that the Michigan State Association will take this very lightly, and only pray that our firefighters prevail. Too bad there is not a law that says that if government eliminates your fire protection, you have the right to bring criminal conspiracy charges against the city leadership who decimated your public safety response in the event of their failure to provide protection that leads to the death of a citizen in an emergency.

  • Scott Conn (Uniontown)

    2/25/2011 9:40:03 AM |

    When we went through what we did last year, thank God for the I.A.F.F. and our state association, and a good attorney. When it went to arbitration , it worked out in our favor. I am thankful for our Act 111 here in PA, but even more thankful for the I.A.F.F. and how it stands behind it's membership. Why is it that the fire service is always the first target when it comes to budget cuts? I think if I were a municipal official, I would want to protect what I have left to the best of my ability if I served a dying city! It's not like they can afford to lose any more.... every bad fire means the tax base is even more diminished. Then, the potential loss of a life that could have been prevented... well, that' just tragic! But I guess I am preaching to the choir here... we all know that. Too bad so many "elected leaders" don't! Best of luck in your fight, Allen Park! Get a good attorney and recruit help from your state association and the locals near you to start out. And know that ever local here in the U.S. is behind you and supports you!

  • Jacob Devries (Livingston)

    2/27/2011 12:21:56 AM |

    I would like to hear what the business owners of Allen Park think of their ISO rating going through the roof?

  • Craig Russell (Crowley)

    2/28/2011 10:58:08 PM |

    The people in office always think of novel ideas like this. Our city is small but we have built three highschools and multiple grade schools. Several of them aren't even occupied. How about not spending that kind of dough. maybe cutting back in public works. They spend money on winter rye here like it's going out of style. Why can't they just let the grass die off? We would be glad to cut our own grass. I bet nearly 100% of all city official have never thought about cutting back their pay or benefits.
      Vote on charcter not on party. Do your reseach and find the canidates that will see the need for public services but will not go over board.
    I have full faith the citizens will react to that. They want someone there quick when there is an emergency. I would raise a huge stink if I lived there and realized that there may not be response from emergency workers.

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