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The Truth Teller? NJ Public Unions Think Not

Do you want to know why New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is trying to destroy the public unions in his state? Read this New York Times profile to see if you can find an answer.

The Times story will run in the Sunday Magazine this weekend and it examines Christie’s arrogant attitude towards public unions.

Since the New Jersey governor was elected in 2009 he has become the poster boy for “public pension reform.” Part of his toolkit for reform centers on forcing union members to contribute more to their plans, employees retiring later and receiving lower benefit payments.

Under his plan, fire fighters would have to work five years longer and thousands booed the governor for his pension proposal at an event last fall.

For his part, Christie appeared smug about the havoc that he is wreaking on the unions.  “Listen, if they want to travel in the Michael J. Fox time machine and change time, I guess we could try that,” he said. “We could get the DeLorean out and try to go back there.”

Public union leaders like Vincent Giordano, executive director of the New Jersey Education Association were able to get their digs in at Christie in the Times profile. He said,” Public employees, public education, public pension systems – somehow he’s allergic to the word ‘public.’ Somebody ought to get him some kind of medication that gets him off that allergy he has to anything that’s public.”


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  • Brian Smith (Reading)

    2/26/2011 7:41:56 AM |

    and that mentality is working with the public. They now will have to settle for lower wages and benefits as well, when they eventually go back to work. These politicians make people think, "Union members should be down to my level". Instead, everyone should be striving for a better wage than the $7.50 an hour starting point.

  • Craig Russell (Crowley)

    3/1/2011 12:34:14 AM |

    The person who is willing to the hard things that need to be done is always viewed as a villian. He's not. The more they cut from that states budget, the better. If Jersey goes we all go. It sucks that people's pay and benefits are first cut instead of theirs. But he's is cutting wages across the board it's not just unions. His approval ratings are up too.

  • Brian Smith (Reading)

    3/1/2011 6:15:09 AM |

    it is truly sad that so many of our own Brothers and Sisters (presumed) have fallen into the trapped mentality that these politicians have been spewing; if everyone would just take less pay home the country would be better off. A well planned movement began by corporations who, of course, would benefit greatly from the outcome.

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