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Gov. Walker Are You Listening?

Most Americans say Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is on the wrong side of the collective bargaining debate.

About 62 percent of Americans say it is unacceptable for states to eliminate employee’s collective bargaining rights, according to a new poll released by NBC and the Wall Street Journal Wednesday.

Last week, a poll conducted by USA Today/Gallup also found wide-spread support for public workers.

About 68 percent of Americans say they find it acceptable for states to require public employees to contribute more of their pay for retirement benefits. Also, 63 percent say they were okay with public employees paying more for their health benefits.

Let’s hope other state governors take in consideration how most Americans feel about collective bargaining.

Gov. Walker, are you listening?


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  • Craig Russell (Crowley)

    3/3/2011 9:39:35 PM |

    WSJ is at best laughable when it comes to the news. NBC is just an embarassment to journalism.

  • Craig Russell (Crowley)

    3/6/2011 9:21:40 AM |

    Solidarity? AFL-CIO funds cop haters
    Friday, Mar 4, 2011 at 2:35 PM EST

    Glenn dedicated a whole show last night to showing the attitude of distrust being bred against police officers by a variety of leftist groups. On radio today, he talked more about the anti-cop curriculum being developed in New York State and funded by the AFL/CIO and some of the other proponents of an anti-police attitude.

    “This isn’t just a little thing that you need to make sure you know about. This attitude of distrusting police cost lives. It cost lives. People teach their children. They get this in their head that the police are against them, that they should be running away from them, treat them disrespectfully and all this stuff, and every time all of these terrible stories happen where someone innocent gets shot or a minor fraction, something happened with the cops, it’s because they’ve been taught their entire lives that the cops are against them. Why would we want to beat that into kids’ heads? It’s terrible,” Stu said.

    And what is in this new curriculum?

    “Here’s a part of this curriculum that the AFL/CIO through the NYSUT has published and put in schools for every schoolchild in New York state, AFL/CIO, gang. It is a whole book that has, you know, holds up Desmond TuTu and all kinds of heros who have spoken out in the face of power and then you have Van Jones, and one of the study things that they ask their kids to read is about Van Jones and it’s lessons from a killing, changing news coverage of police brutality in San Francisco by Van Jones. I’m going to read a little bit, ‘In the fall of ’96, San Francisco police review commission held hearings on the death of Aaron Williams, an African-American man suspected of a $50 pet store burglary that died in police custody. According to witnesses and police sources, a team of police led by Officer Mack repeatedly kicked Williams in the head and emptied three caps of pepper spray. Despite he was having trouble breathing, the police left him hog tied and gagged in the back of a police van where he died.’  I don’t know this story. But if this story happened the way Van Jones is describing it, it’s bad,” Glenn said.

    “Those police officers should have been prosecuted if it happened the way Van Jones, but that’s a huge, huge if. [Jones said] ‘My organization, Ella Baker Center of human rights for police watch followed this for two years.’  He goes on to talk about what the news report did and blah, blah what and teaching your kid how to organize and get into the news and change opinions in the news,” Glenn said.

    Glenn then adressed the cops who were being asked to stand in solidarity with people who are instituting this new curriculum. “I understand the idea of standing with people that disagree with you. There’s no problem with that. But not on major issues. Especially major issues concerning your job.”

    Glenn explained more about why police officers should be wary of standing with groups and movements organized by radicals on TV last night. Watch the video below for more from TV:

    Glenn continued on radio, “This curriculum has good things in it. However, you get to Van Jones where they urge kids to find out about Van Jones. I have been urging the press to find out about Van Jones for some time. He’s harmless. Sure, he’s a communist radical. Don’t worry about it. Don’t worry about it. He called for violent revolution and then when he shut down his organization STORM, it’s because he realized he couldn’t convince enough people with the language of Marxism to be able to go for a violent revolution. So they had to change from things like Cop Watch to the Ella Baker Center. They changed the radical pose for the radical ends because they knew they could scoop in a bunch of people.”

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      PVanek  1 day ago  

    As a 15 year veteran of a police dept, and FOP member, I am insulted by our National President, Chuck Canterbury's statement of support for communists, socialists, and the cop haters in Wisconsin. I have emailed the National FOP and my local FOP demanding to know what they are doing! I would rather be layed off than sacrifice my values for money and benefits. When public servants begin demanding excessive compensation from the very people they supposedly SERVE, then the "love of money" has officially become the god of their lives. I'm sickened by the FOP's foolish decision. show more show less
    Flag Rommell and 39 more liked this Like ReplyReply
      BmrRider1  1 day ago in reply to PVanek  

    thank you for your service PV. show more show less
    Flag planeboy and 10 more liked this Like ReplyReply
      NickDeringer  1 day ago  

    Educating Glenn.

    I love Beck and I hope he never gives up. The country needs him. But he's idealistic to the point of being naive at times. The cops don't care about ideology. I'm sure that many cops would like to get Van Jones alone in an alley, but they are more interested in the pay and benefits. They are not going to bite the hand that gets them the big benies. They are not going against the FOP or the AFL/CIO no matter how Communist they are.

    My friend is a cop and a Christian. He wanted to start a chapter of "Cops for Christ" in a rather large Eastern city. He couldn't get any of his fellow cops interested so he simply gave up. As a famous philosopher once said: "Money changes everything."

    The answer is Union reform. We have to fix the collective bargaining process so that the cops can't elect the guys who they will be bargaining with. It's like the Yankees hand picking all the umpires in the American League.Scott Walker has the answer and it takes a great deal of courage to do what he is doing. He will pay a political price, but he will make a difference.

    One person can change the world. show more show less
    Flag paul1000yd and 20 more liked this Like ReplyReply
      EBeck44  1 day ago in reply to NickDeringer  

    Union reform - an oxymoron if I ever heard one. those guys at the top in a union have no desire to change anything. it is all about money - and it's not about anything else for any other union member. the only way to reform a union is to make it absolutely voluntary, right to work. you want to belong to a union, that's fine, if you want to tote the union line, that's ok, but there should be no way to force anyone to involuntarily join a union, pay dues, or not get hired because they don't belong to one. they should know what their money is being used for. I'm still waiting to see the report that says how much the union bosses make vs. the corporate CEO's show more show less
    Flag Jim_AZ and 16 more liked this Like ReplyReply
      crmollett  14 hours ago in reply to EBeck44  

    When you talk about a right to work states that affects all unions even trade unions. Here is where a good part of history goes in to play if it were not for trade union things would be much different today. The unions have done a lot when the union got involved with the government that is when everything went bad. No government employee should be unionized. show more show less
    Flag 2 people liked this. Like ReplyReply
      EBeck44  13 hours ago in reply to crmollett  

    and I am talking about any individuals right to work. not just in right to work states. no individual should be required to join a union shop in order to have a job they are qualified to do. no one should be made to pay union dues and have those dues used to fund political ideology they don't believe in. a person should be just as free to join a union if they want to without fear of the company as well. outside of collective bargaining - there is very little use for most union functions - and that is the part of unions that has overwhelmingly caused the collapse of the job market and in the case of public worker unions - the going broke of states. show more show less
    Flag Like ReplyReply
      crmollett  11 hours ago in reply to EBeck44  

    You are talking about many different subjects And you use union as like all union are the same there are more than one type of union the trade unions have not collapsed any market and I would have to say the Politian and there Idea of thinking the people cannot rule themselves have done more damage than any union. show more show less
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      EBeck44  9 hours ago in reply to crmollett  

    @Jim_AZ trade unions are like Electrical or Plumbers - a trade guild that pretty much certifies it's members to perform certain tasks related to their trade. the AFofL/CIO is a large umbrella of labor and service workers unions. it is mostly into collective bargaining for more pay and benefits and is only interested in the money they get from union members paying dues. they have never been involved in ensuring that any of their members are certified or qualified for the jobs they do, nor have the been interested in helping a company be more efficient in it's operations - say by eliminating unnecessary redundant jobs or ensuring that the workers and laborers they represent do good work, show up on time, and work. I don't particularly object to there being a union, AFLCIO or whatever - but they need to do more than just coerce and hold hostage companies for continuing increased wages and benefits - and no one should be required to belong to said union or without their consent be forced or coerced to be represented by any union official. show more show less
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      EBeck44  11 hours ago in reply to crmollett  

    I am talking about ANY union. I don't care if its a trade union or AFL-CIO. NO ONE should be required to belong to a or any union to have a job or work in a job they are qualified for. Belonging to a union should not be a qualifying factor. Everyone should have the right to work at any job they are qualified to do the work. no one should be required to hire a person or not to do a job dependent on that persons belonging to a union.

    if my understanding of a trade union is correct - it is in fact a Trade Guild rather than a Union and they require members to be trained or certified in their trade. belonging to such a guild should in fact be a + in hiring someone do perform that kind of work. but still, no one should be required to belong to said "trade union" to get work. I concede that you are correct about "trade unions" not being the problem - (except when a person gets black balled for personal reasons rather than competent reasons) - that America faces in general with unions such as teachers unions, the AFL_CIO, etc, et al. which are set up as collective bargain unions rather than a quality certifying agent for it's members. show more show less
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      Jim_AZ  11 hours ago in reply to EBeck44  

    AFL-CIO is trade unions, service unions, etc., etc. They are supported by member unions. I don't think that they "represent" a particular trade, craft, etc., on their own part. My particular union is a member union. show more show less
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