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A Fire Fighter’s Powerful Message

Morristown, Tennessee fire fighter Robert Croxdale is fighting two battles.

Croxdale is a member of the Morristown Professional Fire Fighter’s Association Local 3836 and is currently stationed in Kuwait serving Operation Enduring Freedom.

A 20-year member of the Tennessee National Guard, Croxdale sent this letter to his state representative voicing his frustrations over efforts to limit the political speech and political activity of fire fighters across Tennessee.

Several bills are being debated in the Tennessee House of Representatives that would prohibit public employees from deducting dues from their paychecks if they remain politically active and another bill makes it a Class C misdemeanor to contribute any union funds to a political candidate.

A vote is expected soon. Fire fighters are meeting with members of the Tennessee Legislature to discuss the impact of these bills.

Croxdale’s letter is powerful and we hope Tennessee lawmakers are listening.

The IAFF sends a special thank you to Croxdale for his service and we wish him a safe and quick return home to Tennessee.

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  • Joel Kobersteen (Fairfax County Professional Fire Fighters And Paramedics)

    3/11/2011 11:00:12 PM |

    Thank you for your service.  I am proud to call you a Brother.

  • Craig Russell (Crowley)

    3/12/2011 11:13:35 AM |

    Diappointing. But, this goes back to the Declaration of Independance. To be involved in the political process is great individually. The rights that are listed in the document only reveal the rights given to us by GOD. When man or in this case legislators or union bossess give rights to the people, they can ultimately take them away when deemed applicable.
    The right to use Democracy or a mob rule is not mentioned. in the either the Declaration or constitution. So, this is the problem. Don't allow people who don't know you, or your situation play with your livelyhood.This is the persuit of Happiness. WHen our jobs become entangled with union bosses and politics the gravy train will go away.
       Thank you for your service Robert.

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