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The Latest Threat

Fire fighters across the U.S. are under political assault. And the attacks are coming fast and furious.

While the likes of Govs. Walker, Kasich, Christie, Snyder and Scott are grabbing the headlines for taking away your right to collective bargaining and smashing your pension plans, there’s another threat raising its head… and it’s no stranger: the privatizing of ambulance services.

This MSNBC story does a good job of examining some of the conflicts between private ambulance service providers and fire fighters. The author really hits home in the first line of the story: “For-profit ambulance companies present cash-strapped American communities with an offer that’s hard to refuse.”

Mayors and city councils everywhere are looking for more ways to clamp down on the budget.  But while trying to save a quick buck in the EMS arena, could they really do harm and cost taxpayers more money in the long run?

For example, in this article, the author references a case where in the U.S. government sued an Alabama company for filing a bogus reimbursement claim for transporting dialysis patients when it wasn’t medically necessary.

There are other decisions pending, most notably in Las Vegas where IAFF affiliates have slammed American Medical Response over various service issues.

It is the IAFF’s policy to promote and support fire-based EMS response systems including the provision of ALS services and transport.  

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  • John Davis (Farmington)

    4/26/2011 2:42:40 PM |

    Good thread Lori, I wonder as well about municipalites attempting to infiltrate their fully paid professional departments with reserve paid firefighters, this is happing in my municipality and I am struggling to to fight the mentality of upper managemnt behind it.  What I need is some examples of departments who have recently DONE AWAY with reserve programs as they did not work for them.  This ties into your article as it is all about the dollar, I know most of the arguments to make just need facts to back them so if anyone out there reads this and would like to send me some information great.
    John Davis, Pres. IAFF L2850

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